The Constitution of the United States of America give us the right to free speech. I submit to you that even this most precious of rights has its limits. Its that old debate is it OK to yell fire in a crowded theater?

US Congressman and Democratic Candidate for President Dennis Kucinich stepped over the free speech line during his visit to Syria this week. Its not that he criticized the War Effort…that is totally within his rights. Its that he said it Syria a nation that is working with the terrorists that are killing our troops. The minute that he spewed his opinion I am sure that it was broadcast over and over in the Islamic world. I am sure that the lead in wasn’t Crazy Congressman criticizes the war, it was probably more like Presidential Candidate Says We Right ! I wonder how many borderline crazies in Iraq saw Mr. Kucinich and said to themselves..gee he agrees with the Imam…I am going to strap on that bomb belt and kill some American Infidels? Even if it pushes just one over that line Kucinich is a murderer.

To compound things yesterday the House voted on a “vanilla” resolution honoring those who lost their lives in 9/11 and in the war on terror…who was the only person to vote no…yep the Putz Kucinich. Thankfully Kucinich has little chance of winning the nomination (even the Democratic one), and one look at the article below…he may have some problems in his Ohio district also. This is from the Cleveland Morning Journal.

Kucinich drapes himself in shame, dishonor with Syria visit, 9/11 ‘no’ vote Normally, Rep. Dennis Kucinich is best ignored simply because it’s impossible to take him seriously, and why waste one’s time. But his deluded anti-American behavior this past week has been so grotesque and offensive it demands attention. Congress on Monday passed a resolution honoring the victims and heroes of Sept. 11 and ”reaffirming the commitment to defending the people of the United States against any and all future challenges.” The vote was 334 to 1. The sole ”nay” was cast by Kucinich. In a statement issued from his alternate universe, Kucinich insisted that he really honors them all and really supports the troops, but found it impossible to support the resolution because it fails to condemn President Bush for lies, lies, lies (in the squinty eyes of Kucinich). Kucinich must have had sand in his eyes a few days earlier when he was visiting another president, Bashar Assad in Syria, because he failed to notice that Assad is a genuine thug and assassin with blood all over his hands. Kucinich only saw reason to praise Assad and Syria for accepting refugees from the war in Iraq, where Assad’s Iranian mentors have been supplying sophisticated roadside bombs to more-efficiently kill the American soldiers Kucinich really supports. Kucinich even found time to go on television in the Mideast and denounce President Bush to our enemies in time of war for an ”illegal occupation” of Iraq. That used to be called treason back in the day before deluded moral gnats like Kucinch could get elected to Congress and run for president. Kucinich also refused to visit Iraq, telling his Mideast TV interviewer, ”I don’t want to bless that occupation with my presence.” It must be a burden for so superior a being as Kucinich — we’ll address him as His Presence from now on — to have been so close to Iraq and the American troops he really supports, yet unable to visit them and shake their hands or bring them some cookies or greetings from home because it would stain the luminous robes of His Presence to be in their ”illegal” presence in Iraq. Maybe it’s better for His Presence that he doesn’t get near any American soldiers. Now that they have seen exactly how he really supports them, they might be tempted to wad him up in a ball and polish their boots with him.

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