The Zionist non-profit world is a particularly unstable one. Activists come and go, and it’s often difficult to run long-term programming. We rely predominantly on volunteers, and the few employees which we hire earn much, much less than the norm in the corporate world.

In order to lead a successful Zionist movement, one must be blessed with unique people who are completely committed to the cause. Such is the case B”H in our movement “Herut North America.”

It all starts with a big idea…

A fabulous idea in our weekly leadership by our Director of Special Projects, Jeff Dunetz, to prepare a special Hannukah E-book with original articles on what is, in my humble opinion, the most Zionist holiday on the Jewish calendar. Jeff then proceeded to message the community leaders to see if perhaps we could get a few original pieces from them…time was of the essence. D’Vorah Singleton, our National Director of operations, didn’t waste a minute and joined Jeff to coordinate the complicated preparation of the Herut North America Hannukah E-book.

We were hoping to fill 8 pages… As you will see, dear readers, we have been truly blessed with yet another Hannukah miracle … leaders and activists from all across the United States, Canada, and India each wrote beautiful essays on Hanukkah.

Wishing all our members, supporters, and Unapologetic Zionists a

חג אורים שמח

Karma Feinstein Cohen,
Executive Director