Proving once again that British Journalists’ can’t see beyond their own deep rooted bias. Today Hamas warned journalists that they are in danger if they continue to tell the truth about Gaza. How ironic, Hamas helps kidnap a British journalist, threaten journalists who tell the truth, but boycott Israel. Am I missing something here? Read the report from the Scottsman below.

Hamas warns journalists against dissent BEN LYNFIELD IN JERUSALEM HAMAS’S armed wing yesterday warned Palestinian journalists against criticising its firing of rockets from Gaza Israel after several opinion columns claimed the rockets harmed the Palestinians themselves.
The warning made by Abu Obeida, the head of the Izzedin al-Qassam militia, which fires the rockets, came on the same day that an Israeli computer technician was killed by a rocket fired into the Israeli border town of Sderot. Both Israel and Hamas appear poised for further confrontation despite efforts by moderate Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas to get them to agree to a ceasefire. Abu Obeida said in a statement carried by Hamas’s Palestine Information Centre: “The time has come for the strange voices and the yellow media to stop stabbing the resistance in the back and go back to the right way. If not, history and the people will not have mercy on any who collude with the enemy against their religion, people and nation.” Yesterday, the Al-Ayyam newspaper, which is close to Mr Abbas, ran a column by Riyadh Malki, the director of the Panorama think-tank in Ramallah, arguing that the rockets brought harm to Gazans. He said the rockets enabled the Israelis to cast Palestinian resistance as terrorism and turn international public opinion against the Palestinians. No Palestinian militia or faction should have the right to launch a war without it being discussed in the government, Mr Malki wrote. Israeli airstrikes have killed 49 Palestinians, mostly militants, during the last 11 days, while Palestinian rockets have killed two Israelis and caused the evacuation of about 6,000