Hamas summer camp for children in elementary school in Northern Gaza. In the Poster: “A victory for Gaza, glory of Jerusalem: Youth to overcome the highest peaks to only recognize Islam as the only religion”.

Labor Day signals the end of summer. Camp days are over and its time for school. This is not only true in the United States but it is also happening in Gaza. Of course the children in the United States made lanyards, and pottery ,swam, played baseball, or maybe even even sat around a fire telling in their camps. In Gaza,  kids who go to the Hamas camps learned how to set explosives, hate the west, the proper use of rifles and of course the joys of martyrdom.  The Hamas camps consist of three months of intensive paramilitary training and fundamental religious education.

Boys and girls and girls are separated in these camps, but each receive paramilitary training in different kinds of weapons, as well as daily indoctrination in the cultural hatred against what Hamas describes as Western values, which, they claim have been brought in by the pro-Israeli “collaborators,” the term they use to describe their Fatah rivals.

Welcome to Camp Hamas Arnon Ben-Dror

100 thousand kids and youth spent their summer vacation training in 700 Hamas training camps. The camp’s curriculum includes firearm training and military drills in order to nurture the next generation of militants

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700 summer camps, for children and teenagers, operated this summer by terror organizations along the Gaza Strip – operating under the slogan – A “Victory for Gaza – The Glory of Jerusalem”. The camps are operated by the Hamas in order to encourage the next generation of this organization. In the same area many summer camps are operated by UNRWA (United Nations Relief and Works Agency) – the main “competition” of Hamas’s summer camps. The Hamas reacted by presenting the UNRWA camps as “child corrupters”, trying to discourage the parents from sending their kids to the foreign aid organization’s camp.

According to Arab and Palestinian media, 100 thousand children and teenagers participated in Hamas camps this year. The budget of these camps is estimated to be 2 Million Dollars. The youths were guided by 1,500 counselors that went through special training courses. A marketing campaign of the Al-Aqsa channel of the Hamas and a special internet site encouraged participation of children in these camps.

The children and teenagers in the summer camps undergo semi military training. The pictures and commercials published this year and last summer showed that part of the curriculum included firearm practices and grenades dismantling as well as military drills for the children, while holding life-like weapons.

In addition to that, the camp participants undergo an intense process of political and Islamic indoctrination by counselors and Hamas operatives, which visit the camps. The camp goal is to train the movement’s next generation. According to Mahmud Abu Aeed, the purpose of the camps is to prepare the children for leadership of the organization through “Victory and Freedom”.

According to Hamas commercials the camp goal is to “Experience a soldier’s life, serving Islam, locating excelling student groups that can operate in the preaching of Allah and Islam, in schools and central mosques.” Moreover, the children are taught about the lives of martyrs and carry pictures of them during processions.

This isn’t summer camp, its child abuse, teaching young children hatred, killing and suicide is not the act of a civil society. Yet this is the group that Presidential Advisers such as Samantha Power and Former President Jimmy Carter are urging President Obama to make contact with.  Any organization that treats its children like this cannot possibly be interested in making peace.