Over the last few days there has been much ado about Hamas using a Mickey Mouse look alike to indoctrinate their children into their cult of death and hatred. (see M-I-C “Kill you real soon” K-E-Y “Why Because we HATE You” M-O-U-S-E). Hamas’ doesn’t stop with Mickey, in fact there is a monthly online magazine called Al-Fateh (Arabic for “the conqueror”) published by Hamas that encourages kids to become suicide bombers and advocates hatred of Jews.

Hamas, the leading party of the PA government, has said over and over that despite all of the international pressure to make a deal it will never make peace with Israel. Certainly they are trying to guarantee that the next generation will maintain their legacy of hatred.

Hamas Magazine For Children Glorifies Terrorism And Hatred Of Israel And Jews A Hamas online magazine designed for children continues to use cartoon characters, games and other content to demonize Jews and Israelis and glorify terrorism. Al-Fateh (Arabic for “the conqueror”) has published over 70 issues since September 2002 that include stories and columns praising attacks against the “Jewish enemy,” as well as other anti-Semitic and anti-Israel themes. The May 1, 2007, issue of Al-Fateh includes a “games” section with a virtual board game consisting of images of Israeli soldiers with snake bodies and tongues and caricatures of children throwing stones. Titled “The Palestinian kid and the Israeli soldier,” the winner of this version of “Chutes and Ladders” is the player that reaches the Dome of the Rock first. The online magazine also features a coloring book, a news brief listing the latest attacks on “Zionists soldiers” or “Jewish Settlers” and a section entitled “children of the stones,” which is made up of pictures of children with guns and portraits of former Hamas spiritual leader Sheikh Ahmad Yassin. Children are encouraged to contribute pictures for this section. Another section is dedicated to Mahmud Anwar al-Kilab, who is described as a “martyr” killed by an Israeli missile while trying to plant a bomb for an “ambush.” A brief bio of al-Kilab, which includes a photo of him, concludes with the words: “To the eternal souls of the brave martyrs, Allah gathers them in Paradise above.” Previous issues of Al-Fateh have encouraged kids to become suicide bombers and advocated hatred of Jews. In 2006, Al Fateh issued its first issue since the Palestinian terrorist organization won control of the Palestinian parliament.