For those of you who think that Annapolis was a “bad thing” for Israel hang on part two is coming. Now that the peace process has supposedly been re-started guess who is coming back. This little item below was buried inside the article PA security forces probe leaflets calling Fayad a ‘traitor on JPost.

Meanwhile, PA officials confirmed that Hamas and Fatah representatives were scheduled to meet in Cairo soon for talks on ways of ending their differences. They said Egypt and Saudi Arabia had been exerting heavy pressure on the two parties to resume their talks to achieve “national unity.”

Hold on to your seat belts folks! The cat’s been let out of the bag…Olmert has spent months and all of his political capital on this foolish peace process— do you really think this idiot would let a little thing like Hamas stand in his way? Abbas’ continues to direct terror activities, that did not slow down Anapolis. According to reports, he leaped at the opportunity to give away the Temple Mount –what’s one more terrorist group?