Reporter Sabina Amdi is Iran covering the harsh, violent treatment of Iranian supporters of Mir Hossein Mousavi  protesting the corrupt election. Two protesters came tracked down the reporter with a shocking revelation. It is not only Ahmadinejad’s stormtroopers beating the peaceful protesters, he has brought in help, the terrorists of Hamas there to payback the Iranian Despot for all the years of support:

“The most important thing that I believe people outside of Iran should be aware of,” the young man went on, “is the participation of Palestinian forces in these riots.”

Another protester, who spoke as he carried a kitchen knife in one hand and a stone in the other, also cited the presence of Hamas in Teheran.

On Monday, he said, “my brother had his ribs beaten in by those Palestinian animals. Taking our people’s money is not enough, they are thirsty for our blood too.”

It was ironic, this man said, that the victorious Ahmadinejad “tells us to pray for the young Palestinians, suffering at the hands of Israel.” His hope, he added, was that Israel would “come to its senses” and ruthlessly deal with the Palestinians.

When asked if these militia fighters could have been mistaken for Lebanese Shi’ites, sent by Hizbullah, he rejected the idea. “Ask anyone, they will tell you the same thing. They [Palestinian extremists] are out beating Iranians in the streets… The more we gave this arrogant race, the more they want… [But] we will not let them push us around in our own country.

It is interesting that the same day this Hamas revelation came out, Jimmy Carter, the worst president in the history of this country came out urging Obama to take Hamas off the terrorist list.  Way to go Jimbo.

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