Once again Prime Minister Olmert’s failed policies will lead to more Dead Israelis. The recent exodus out of Gaza into Egypt has allowed the Hamas Terrorist to smuggle more advanced weapons back into Gaza. The Gaza Problem should have been fixed two years and 3,000 rockets ago as soon as it became evident to even the most liberal disengagement supporters that it didn’t work, the IDF should have been sent in to retake Gaza. But Olmerts weak-kneed policy, two plus years of a half-assed responses and “semi-actions” have lead to the strengthening of the Hamas resolve and its weapons supply.

Massive quantities of weapons transferred to Gaza Strip
Breached border brought stockpiles of rockets, arms, explosives

by Aaron Klein
TEL AVIV – Large quantities of advanced weaponry were transferred into the Gaza Strip after the territory’s border wall with Egypt was breached by Palestinians 11 days ago, Yuval Diskin, chief of Israel’s Shin Bet Security Services announced today. Last month, hours after Palestinian gunmen blew dozens of holes in the wall delineating the Egypt-Gaza frontier, WND first reported Egyptian forces failed to act as massive quantities of advanced weaponry were brought into the Gaza Strip, quoting terrorist sources speaking from the scene. “Very good things came in (to Gaza),” said a senior leader of the Popular Resistance Committees, a Gaza-based, Hamas-allied terrorist group. The leader spoke on condition his name be withheld. “Egyptian security men at the border were very passive – they wanted this to happen; they didn’t prevent anything from coming in or going out,” said the terrorist, who was speaking from the Gaza side of the border. According to Diskin, the Popular Resistance Committee leader’s statements were accurate. He told the Knesset today Palestinians transported into Gaza long-range rockets, anti-tank missiles, anti-aircraft missiles, arms, ammunition, explosives and materials used for rocket production. Diskin also warned that Gaza-based Palestinian terrorists who crossed into the Egyptian Sinai desert the past two weeks relocated themselves to form terror cells in strategic areas bordering Egypt. Israel has a long border with the Egyptian Sinai desert, much of which is currently unprotected. The Shin Bet chief said Israeli intelligence is aware of at least 20 specific locations at the Israel-Egypt border currently in use by Palestinian terrorists in attempts to infiltrate the Jewish state to carry out attacks. He said security has been boosted at those locations, but stressed the need for Israel to immediate construct a security fence along the entire Israel-Egypt border. Diskin confirmed Egyptian media recent reports stating Egyptian security forces last week and again this weekend cracked down on Palestinian militant cells in the process of planning anti-Israel terror attacks. According to media reports and witnesses at the scene, Egypt today closed the final gaps in its border with the Gaza Strip. The troops were allowing Gazans and Egyptians who remained on the wrong side of the border to cross back, but had stopped allowing any new cross-border movement, Israel’s Haaretz newspaper reported. Suleiman Awwad, a spokesman for Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, said his country would not tolerate any further breach of the Gaza border. “That will not happen again, never,” Awwad said. “Egypt is a respected state, its border cannot be breached and its soldiers should not be lobbed with stones.” “Egypt absolutely will not allow a repeat of what happened because it has a border, territory and sovereignty, and it is Egypt’s right and duty to preserve that,” Awad added, in remarks carried on Egyptian state news agency MENA. On January 23, some 350,000 Palestinians reportedly poured out of Gaza and into Egypt after masked men detonated 17 bombs, destroying some two-thirds of a wall separating the Gaza Strip from Egypt. Hamas did not take direct responsibility for the blasts, but Hamas sources speaking to WND said their group, together with the Popular Resistance Committees, coordinated the assault. Hamas claimed it was acting to avert a “humanitarian crisis” in Gaza, saying the territory was completely sealed off by Israel, a claim largely unsupported by facts on the ground. The crisis began when during one week last month, Palestinian terrorists fired over 200 rockets from the Gaza Strip aimed at nearby Jewish communities. Rockets have been regularly flying from the territory since Israel withdrew from Gaza in 2005, but last week’s increased bombardment marked an escalation that prompted widespread calls here for the Israeli government to carry out a large-scale anti-rocket operation and ground assault in Gaza. Prime Minister Ehud Olmert’s government instead decided to cut back fuel supplies and shipment trucks entering Gaza from the Israeli border in an effort to pressure Gaza’s Hamas leadership. But Israeli officials say they continue to transfer sufficient aid and materials to the Palestinians to prevent a humanitarian catastrophe and allow Gaza’s power plants to run. Israel also continued supplying Gaza directly with two-thirds of its electricity. The power stations that supply most of Gaza’s electricity are located in the Israeli city of Ashkelon, into which Palestinian terrorists have been launching rockets at a furious rate the past few weeks.