The Military leader of this summer’s debacle in Lebanon is gone, and much of the rest of Israel is waiting for the next shoe (or pair of shoes) to drop. That would be Prime Minister Olmert and the Stalin look-alike Defense Minister Peretz. MKs from all sides of the aisle are calling for their heads. Some are even saying they shouldn’t be allowed the opportunity to replace Halutz. The following is a compilation of comments from many sources about what some Israeli leaders are hoping comes next

Ynet spoke to:
MK Yisrael Katz (Likud) commented on the resignation, saying that “the chief of staff’s resignation officially confirms the failure of the Lebanon war and compels the prime minister and the defense minister to stop holding on to their positions and resign from their posts.” “A temporary emergency government should be formed that would include a representative from each Zionist party for six months until the elections,” Kats added.

MK Ophir Pines-Paz (Labor) [who was a member of the ministerial security mini-cabinet during the war] said, “Halutz’s resignation was a necessary, unavoidable step.” “One can hope that his resignation in the first step towards rehabilitation of the crisis of confidence the military and defense establishment have gotten into and the beginning of the reestablishment of the IDF’s deterrence,” he added.

MK Zahava Gal-On (Meretz) stated, “The prime minister and defense minister have no moral right to appoint the next chief of staff,” and that “the responsibility for the failure of the Lebanon war cannot stop at the military echelon but must include the political echelon as well for making irresponsible decisions before the war.”

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MK Arieh Eldad (National Union-National Religious Party) said, “It is a shame that Halutz wasted four precious months for the State of Israel that were needed for the rehabilitation of the IDF.” “Now Peretz and Olmert must go as well, since the whole country, and not just IDF is in need of rehabilitation and cleansing,” he added.

MK Gilad Erdan (Likud) said that the next IDF chief of staff should not be appointed by the prime minister and defense minister, but by a committee of experts that should be formed by the government. “Olmert and Peretz’s understanding in State security is near nothing and their considerations in selecting the next chief of staff could now be influenced by foreign political considerations,” said Erdan.

ArutzSheva:MK Gideon Saar, Knesset faction chairman of the Likud, responded shortly after Halutz’s midnight resignation and said, “It is inconceivable that the Chief of Staff should take the responsibility, while those the political echelons above him, who bear full responsibility for the failures of the war, continue to evade their accountability and continue in their positions.”

A friend of Halutz, Gen. (Ret.) Gideon Sheffer, told Army Radio that Halutz was worthy of praise for taking responsibility and resigning. “It is appropriate that someone else implement the conclusions that the Winograd Commission [investigating the recent Lebanon War] will reach,” he said. Sheffer said he hopes the resignation of Halutz “will serve as a model for Peretz and Olmert, who have a greater responsibility for the war than he does.

So Do We General.

National Religious Party Chairman MK Zevulun Orlev had my favorite comment about the resignation. ” better late than never,” he said.

When you add the fact that Olmert is under investigation for corruption, Hopefully he will be next to go, with his resignation this whole house of cards that is the Olmert Government will fall. With that Kadima with no party loyalty and no grass roots “army” of campaigners will fall with it and in the end that will be good for Israel.

I Saw this Item this MorningIran replaced the European Union as the biggest donor to the Palestinian Authority, according to a top official in the Hamas-led government.

Ahmed Yusuf, an adviser to Palestinian Prime Minister Ismel Haniya, said that Hamas secured promises of donations amounting to £500 million in visits recently carried out by the party’s officials around the Muslim world. The largest pledge was from Tehran, Yusuf said. “Iran is the most generous country. They have promised a lot and given a lot. We wish the Arab countries were as generous,” he added.

Do you ever if they do it the same way the Jews do it. You know does every missile have a little plaque that says something like, “this piece of terrorist equiptment brought was purchased through the generosity of Ahamad har Epstein” Do Homicide bomber get a tattoo before their missions. “I am going on Birthright 72 Virgins paid for by the EU”

I better go get my bagel and shmear before this gets to crazy