Its nice to see that Senator Obama is coming down to earth a bit. He is no longer the Messiah. Just a Caesar. Tonight he gives his acceptance speech in front of 80,000 plus people at Invesco Field, in a set-up reminiscent of the Roman Coliseum. Instead of lions to throw the Christians to there will be a rap star and an explosive fireworks show.

Last night, was Bubba Clinton’s turn in the (smaller setup). That is the most interesting part, it was supposed to be Joe Biden’s night, but undoubtledly it WAS Clinton’s night. He gave a rousing speech talking about how Barack Obama will be a great president as long as he does what Clinton did (I suspect that he wasn’t talking about interns).

Of course what Clinton forgot to mention is that his “years of prosperity” had more to do with years of reaganomics than anything that he did. And his administration was mark with one foriegn policy disaster after another including his desperate attempts to turn Yassir Arafat into a statesman.

But tonight is Obama’s night to be Ceasar. This is the night where he will get a bounce or continue to slide. He has already made one big mistake. Like a boxer leading with his chin, the Senator has worked to confirm recent McCain Commercials. He is making his acceptance speech like a rock star, if he continues to discuss his vision, without any meat this campaign will be over way before election day. Obama must allow america to finally get to know him. If he continues to treat his life (and contacts with people like Bill Ayers, and Frank Davis) as a mystery wrapped in an enegma in October we will be able to concentrate on Football instead of politics. His choice of venue, has put more pressure on his words. All of America will be watching. If he wants to play sports stadiums, he better have great lyrics otherwise he will be back in piano bars by Veteran’s Day.