Hail the conquering Hero!

Scott Walker returned to CPAC today for the first time since winning his recall election last June.  Some pundits believe that Walker’s appearance is the beginning of his 2016 Presidential Campaign–if that’s what he intended it was a GREAT Start.

Walker had one of the worst speaking slots of the conference—early Saturday morning after two days of speeches/meetings and two nights of networking and partying. Its an audience which is usually as dead as a bill to cut taxes in a legislature controlled by progressives.

Today was different, the Wisconsin Governor began speaking to a tired crowd and rallied it to the biggest crescendo of applause in the Ballroom since the conference started on Thursday morning.

Walker began by quoting Ronald Reagan by reminding the crowd that the “Federal Government didn’t create the states–the states created the Federal Government and “real reform doesn’t happen in the nation’s capital, it happens in state capitals.” Again using Reagan as an example, Walker explained that tax reform was implemented in California under Governor Reagan before it was implemented by the federal government under President Reagan.

Conservatives,  admonished Walker need to make their argument more relevant.  People don’t care about words like fiscal cliff, or sequester, they care about whether their unemployed neighbor down the block finds a job.

He continued by saying  true freedom and prosperity means jobs and independence–his second best applause line.

In America we take off the 4th of July not the 15th of April brought people to their feet, and he followed up with his ending, In America we believe in the people not in the government. 

A video of the full speech is below.

Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin  became a national hero by protecting his state’s bottom from oppressive union budget-busting union contracts.  His proposals saved Wisconsin citizens money by reducing the ability of government employee unions to engage in collective bargaining (except for wages). The proposal also called for unions members to make minimum  contributions to their own medical insurance and retirement savings accounts.

For his efforts the Unions led a petition effort forcing a recall election. On June 5, 2012, Walker won the recall election against the opponent he beat in November 2011 Tom Barrett by an even larger margin than the last time.