Here is one more thing that you wont see in the main stream media, some of the “passengers” on Guerrilla Flotilla went with the express goal of becoming martyrs and spending eternity with those 72 virgins.

The official Palestinian Authority daily newspaper,  Al-Hayat Al-Jadida ran a story explaining that three of the four Turkish citizens who died during the flotilla incident  wished to die as “Shahids” (Martyrs)”

“Three of the four Turks killed in the Israeli attack on the “Freedom Flotilla” bound for the Gaza Strip wanted to die as Martyrs, said their relatives and friends. The wife of one of them, Ali Haydar Bengi, told the Vatan daily: “He used to help the poor and the oppressed. For years, he wanted to go to Palestine. And he constantly prayed to Allah to grant him Shahada (Martyrdom).

The names of the Turkish nationals killed in Monday’s attack have not been officially released, but the Turkish media identified them yesterday as four men who were involved in Islamic movements or Islamic NGO’s…

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Ali worked at telephone repair shop in Diyarbakir, the largest city in south-eastern Turkey. Sabir Ceylan, a friend of Ali, told the Milliyet newspaper: ‘Before embarking on this journey [to Gaza], he said he desired to become a Martyr. He had a strong desire to die as a Martyr.’

Another Turkish victim was Ali Ekber Yaratilmis, a 55-year old pensioner. He was a father of five who lived in Ankara. Ali volunteered for the Turkish Aid and Human Rights Organization [IHH], which transfers aid to Gaza. A friend, Mehmet Faruk Cevher, told the Sabah daily that [Ali] ‘devoted his life to charity work, that’s why he went to Gaza. He always wanted to become a Martyr.’

The third victim was Ibrahim Bilgen, a 61-year old pensioner and father of six sons. He was a supporter of the Felicity Party, an Islamic movement in the south-eastern city of Siirt, Anatolia news agency reported. His brother-in-law, Nuri Mergen, told the Agency: ‘He was an exemplary man and a truly good man. That’s why he was truly worthy of Shahada (Martyrdom). Allah granted him the death that he wished for.” Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, June 3, 2010 (Translated by Palestinian Media Watch)

Then there is the video below, one of the tapes found on the boats, featured an interview conducted by the Iranian news outlet Press TV. The poor Gentleman tried to become a martyr twice before and failed, lets hope he reached his objective this time.

By the way, the world press is very upset about people posting the truth.

The Foreign Press Association strongly condemns the use of photos and video material shot by foreign journalists, now being put out by the IDF spokesman’s office as “captured material”.

The material and/or equipment that was confiscated from journalists covering the events on the ships, should be returned to the owners and their media organisations. The use of this material without permission from the relevant media organisations is a clear violation of journalistic ethics and unacceptable. In view of this we urge members to treat the material with appropriate caution.

We call upon the authorities to immediately clarify the source of the material.

I will clarify it for them, the purpose of the press is to protect the people by getting out the truth.  Most of the videos issued from the Guerrilla Flotilla were surveillance video, not press videos. This one is, and it is being used to get the truth out.