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Some of you are going to read this and say is Jeff now publishing paid ads as posts. The answer is no! The below is a project of my good friend and partner on the HumpDay News Report Tami Jackson.

So if you aren’t interested in guns skip to one of the other posts on the site.  But if you are a gun owner, enthusiast or simply looking to become one and want to want to purchase a new firearm or want to have you Glock 19 or 23 modified…look at the below….and if you buy something at the website tell them Tami sent you šŸ™‚

ROBAR Companies, Inc in conjunction with Jeff Gonzales of Trident Concepts announce the Launch of the TRICONā„¢ ProCarry and TRICONā„¢ Mod 2 ProCarry for Gen 3 GlockĀ® 19 & 23
Phoenix, AZ ā€“ ROBAR Companies, Inc is excited to announce the launch of TRICONā„¢ ProCarry and TRICONā„¢ Mod 2 ProCarry for Gen 3 GlockĀ® 19 & 23.
ROBARĀ® has partnered with former Navy SEAL and professional firearms instructor Jeff Gonzales of Trident Conceptsā„¢ to bring 2 custom GlockĀ® packages (for the GlockĀ® 19 and 23 only) with all the modifications that Jeff has on his personal GlockĀ®.
The official launch date for TRICONā„¢ ProCarry and TRICONā„¢ Mod 2 ProCarry is May 2015.
TRICONā„¢ ProCarry and TRICONā„¢ Mod 2 ProCarry are designed as perfect concealed carry options.
ā€¢   Hi-Grip Mod
ā€¢   Scallop Magazine Release
ā€¢   Front Strap Reduction ā€“ Leave Finger Grooves
ā€¢   Frame Texture 
ā€¢   Duty Trigger Job
ā€¢   PolyT2 Gun Metal Grey Slide with NP3 Barrel & Internals
ā€¢   Mill Slide for RMR
ā€¢   Many more features
ā€¢   20% Discount Coupon to one TRICONā„¢ Concealed Carry Tactics or Combative Pistol Class
About Trident Concepts: Trident Concepts, LLC provides its clients with a full spectrum of weapons and tactics training necessary to address the challenging needs of modern warfare and personal defense.

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