My Friend John just opened up his own blog…summer patriot, winter soldier
On the blog John describes himself as “

i am a prickly old fart, but quite helpless around beautifuly women with “it,” and extremely indulgent of and loyal to my friends. i admire the thinkers of the enlightenment. i admire the “founding fathers,” and think their presence in one epoch and in this country a matter of divine providence. i do not give a bucket of warm piss for modern liberal “thought,” viewing it as an abdication of personal virtue, an abject apology for moral cowardice. i like dogs. i do not like people who do not like dogs. more than this, you can figure out for yourself as you read, if you find all of this interesting enough to read.

All the above (except prickly old fart) is true but doesn’t give the full story. Imagine sitting around on a bunch of lawn chairs with some very good friends–sipping a couple of beers and talking about what is going on in the world. There is one guy who talks a little less than the others..but when he does it is much clearer (or much funnier) than the others..That is my friend John. You would serve yourself well to add his site summer patriot, winter soldier to your “favorites” or bookmark his feed.