The Great Lakes in the north-central U.S. is a perfect example of how leftist green loons think climate change can be blamed for literally everything.

Back in 2013, I was writing for Breitbart News, and at the time, the Great Lakes, especially Lake Michigan, were at near historic lows. And because there wasn’t enough water in the lakes, greenies were running around with their hair on fire because “climate change” had destroyed the Great Lakes permanently.

The water was never going to rise again, they said.

Take this report from Chicago’s public TV station, WTTW, for instance. In a Jan. 24, 2013, article, WTTW bemoaned that the lakes were at “the lowest water levels in history.”

The station warned of climate change:

Last winter was the fourth warmest winter on record. And those warmer temperatures lead to less ice formation and still more evaporation.

“When the lakes are changing that dramatically, that is a change in the climate,” Gronewold said. “Now what is causing the lakes to warm so much? That’s something that’s going to require some additional research.”

Oh, the humanities. It looks bad for the Great Lakes, folks.

Ah, but wait. There’s morel. Things began to change.

An article in 2015 reported that three of the five Great Lakes were recovering their water levels at a near near-record pace. “Faster than ever before.” One headline from the Weather Channel described the changes in Great Lakes’ water levels.

By 2022 the Great Lakes had filled back up, and then the greenies were worried that there was TOO much water. And guess what caused it? Yup. Climate change.

Yes, the culprit was once again “climate change” as an article in insisted, “Experts suspect that climate change is partially driving these shifts, but because of the complex nature of the water, it’s hard to isolate human factors from the rest of the turbulence.”

So, let’s recap. In 2013, climate change was drying up the Great Lakes, and they would never be the same again… then, less than a decade later, the lakes were too high and overfilled with water because of that darned old climate change.

Boy. Is there anything climate change can’t do? Next, will they blame it on Putin, wealthy Americans, oil companies, or the big meat companies as Biden has blamed for everything in recent weeks?

This is a common practice of the climate change hypothesis supporters. For example, they’ve claimed that climate change causes longer days, except when it causes shorter days, high tornado activity was caused by global warming and global cooling. My all-time favorite is when Al Gore blamed a horrible cold snap on climate change. Didn’t they use to call it global warming?

It shows that these green lunatics will trot out mythical climate change for every situation they can’t readily explain. Doesn’t it seem as if these “experts” are no different than Neolithic men shaking rattles and praying to the antler gods to help them explain the weather?

Parts of this post were first seen at iPatriot