Possible presidential candidate Florida Governor Ron DeSantis on Tuesday appealed to the state’s Supreme Court to create a statewide grand jury to “investigate any and all wrongdoing (in Florida) with respect to COVID-19 vaccines.”

“DeSantis said he expects the grand jury will bring “legal accountability for those who committed misconduct.”  The dangerous lies pushed on the world by the vaccine makers.DeSantis has previously raised concerns about side effects from mRNA COVID vaccines and has railed against vaccination requirements by some employers.”

“Florida law prohibits fraudulent practices, including the dissemination of false or misleading advertisements of a drug and the use of any representation or suggestion in any advertisement relating to a drug that an application of a drug is effective when it is not,” the governor’s petition states.

“The pharmaceutical industry has a notorious history of misleading the public for financial gain. Questions have been raised regarding the veracity of the representations made by the pharmaceutical manufacturers of COVID-19 vaccines, particularly with respect to transmission, prevention, efficacy, and safety. An investigation is warranted to determine whether the pharmaceutical industry has engaged in fraudulent practices. The people of Florida deserve to know the truth,” the petition adds.

DeSantis says that the grand jury will also look into claims that people are suddenly and unexpectedly passing away after taking the COVID vaccines.

Dr. Joseph Ladapo, the state’s surgeon general, “will conduct research through the University of Florida to assess sudden deaths of individuals in good health who received a COVID-19 vaccine. The Department of Health will also utilize disease surveillance and vital statistics to assess such deaths.”

“The Surgeon General will oversee the Public Health Integrity Committee, a committee of expert researchers charged with assessing federal decisions, recommendations, and guidance related to public health and health care,” according to the press release. “The Surgeon General would then receive input from the committee to ensure public health policies are tailored for Florida’s communities and aligned with state priorities.”

It’s all just another example of how spot on DeSantis’ instincts are.

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