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The Show Me State doesn’t quite live up to its name in one regard anymore…a governmental permission slip to exercise your 2nd Amendment rights is no longer required in Missouri.   With the override of Democrat and gun hating Governor Jay Nixon’s veto Missouri joins an ever growing list of states that no longer require permits in order to carry concealed firearms.

On the last day for the lawmakers to override the veto of SB 656, lawmakers took aim to thwart Jay Nixon’s oppression.  And in doing so represented the will of the people as well as ensuring the Constitutional right to keep and bear arms would not be infringed by the state of Missouri or its freedom hating Governor.

On January 1st, 2017 Missouri becomes the 10th Constitutional Carry state in the nation, meaning that 20% of the states in America no longer require the extortion of money from, and the hat in hand begging of, citizens in order to exercise their 2nd Amendment rights.

As Bullets First has always contended, CCW’s, LTCF or any other permit that is required by a state in order for its citizens to exercise their fundamental right to keep and bear arms is no different than a poll tax charging people to vote or a voice tax in order to allow people to speak.  As more and more states continue to pass constitutional carry the more liberty spreads once more through the land.

As for those other 9 states, 7 (Alaska, Arizona, Kansas, Maine Mississippi Vermont West Virginia) are absolute Constitutional Carry for all citizens while 2 (Idaho and Wyoming) extend Constitutional Carry only to its residents, require permits for visitors.

Oddly enough, one state, Oklahoma, recognizes Constitutional Carry from citizens of the aforementioned 10 states and do not require them to have a permit in order to carry a firearm though still requires it of its own citizens and those of the other 39 states.

The fight is going in the right direction though.  Even when little tyrannical despots like Gov. Jay Nixon and West Virginia Gov. Earl Tomblin try and subvert the will of the people with regards to Constitutional Carry, the legislatures of those states were able to override their vetoes to ensure the liberty of the constituency.

Unfortunately, the 11th and 12th would be Constitutional Carry states, Montana and New Hampshire just missed being able to override the vetoes of their autocratic Governors, Schweitzer and Hassan. But it was close…and there is always next time.

As you can imagine, Everytown and the other gun control oppressors collectively melted down when the veto was overridden…I mean, why let a little thing like freedom and the democratic process get in the way of your authoritarian regime and oppressive ideology?

In a released statement Everytown went with the usual tropes of blaming the NRA and lying about how most people are just craving gun control.

Missouri lawmakers buckled to the NRA instead of listening to the vast majority of Missouri voters, including mayors and law enforcement leaders, who support our current concealed carry permit system.

They even through some garbage in about Trayvon Martin…like that was at all relevant.  And don’t get me started about the “vast majority” of people who support gun control.  Hey, an election is coming up…let’s see how many liberty minded politicians the gun controllers can oust.  I mean, if the vast majority of voters support gun control and are appalled at the overriding of this veto then Missouri legislatures should be chock full of gun controllers next session…right?

Unfortunately for the folks at oppression central they would need to kick out nearly EVERYONE because the Governor’s veto was so unpopular that the majority of people who voted to override it dwarfed the percentage that they even needed.  In the Senate the vote was 24-6 while in the House it was 112-41.

This wasn’t even close.  So Everytown, cry your little gun control tears…I have use for them

As for the state of Missouri, welcome to the fifth of America that believes that “shall not be infringed” actually means something.

Good job, Missouri.  Here’s hoping that more follow and soon.

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