The Democrats are doing all they can to avoid discussing an energy policy on the record. Today as the appropriations committee was wrapping up for a two week-long holiday, the Republican members wanted a guarantee that energy policy would be brought up when they got back. The committee chair David Obey (D-Wis.), “If you want to run this place, get 30 more members.” Because of the lack of a guarantee the Republicans countered with an amendment to allow off-shore drilling. The dems wouldn’t even allow the amendment to be read. They decided to adjourn. America as you pay almost five bucks a gallon through this July 4th holiday, Remember the DEMOCRATIC PARTY REFUSED TO EVEN DISCUSS A SOLUTION ! More below:

GOP tactic causes Dems to end appropriations markup By Jackie Kucinich Posted: 06/26/08 02:07 PM [ET] The House Appropriations Committee on Thursday abruptly adjourned a markup of the Labor/HHS spending bill after Republicans attempted to force votes on energy-related issues. Following opening remarks by Chairman David Obey (D-Wis.), ranking Republican Rep. Jerry Lewis (Calif.) requested that Obey guarantee that the Interior appropriations bill would be scheduled for a markup on July 9. It had already been tentatively scheduled for that date, but Republicans said they had reason to believe it would be postponed. At that point, according to Rep. John Peterson (R-Pa.), Obey replied, “If you want to run this place, get 30 more members.” Lewis then attempted to force a vote by introducing an amendment that would have stricken the language from the Labor/HHS appropriations bill and replaced it with that of the measure funding the Interior Department. When Peterson introduced an amendment regarding offshore drilling, instead of allowing him to present the contents, Rep. Norm Dicks (D-Wash.) called for a motion to adjourn, which passed on party lines. “I believe that it would be unconscionable for Congress to leave for the Fourth of July recess without doing anything substantive to address the difficulties facing all of our constituents due to the skyrocketing rise in gas prices,” Lewis said in a statement. “There is overwhelming evidence that the American people support the kinds of energy reforms that should be included in this bill — including making use of our vast domestic energy reserves. It is unacceptable that this committee and this Congress would choose to selectively ignore their pleas.” “We were ready to mark up Labor/HHS, the Interior and Agriculture appropriations bills and instead Mr. Obey decided to adjourn,” Lewis spokeswoman Jennifer Hing added. Obey spokeswoman Kirstin Brost indicated the Wisconsin Democrat was not amused with the stunt, saying that the Interior bill was already scheduled for July 9. “It should come as no surprise to anybody that Dave Obey has no patience for BS,” Brost said. “Today’s plan by Republicans to tie the committee in knots with a series of unrelated amendments was just another political stunt, the kind the American people have come to despise. It is BS and Obey won’t put up with it.” Peterson was optimistic that the bills would eventually move through committee. “Cooler heads will prevail,” he said.