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The National Republican Congressional Committee smells blood they have finally decided to help William Russell defeat John Murtha. They produced a new ad (see video above) and will spend $84,000 airing it during the last five days before election day. Even though the GOP is out of money for congressional efforts, they scraped up for this one. After all the incumbent holds only a 4 point lead, he continuously insults his constituents, is the biggest pork-barrel spender in the congress and is a disgrace to the Uniform he once wore. His opponent, Army Lt. Col. Bill Russell is a true American hero.

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GOP Makes Last-Minute Effort to Unseat John Murtha $84,000 Ad Campaign Begins Thursday
Scott MacFarlane

The National Republican Congressional Committee, a national political organization which supports GOP candidates for the U.S. House of Representatives, confirms it will spend $84,000 on TV ads against Rep. John Murtha. The commercials will begin running on Pittsburgh TV affiliates Thursday.The ads support Republican candidate William Russell, by highlighting some of the recent controversial statements by the veteran Johnstown Democrat. The commercial includes clips of the Congressman using the phrases “redneck” and “racist” to describe some Pennsylvanians.

The last-minute effort is a surprise to several Republican sources familiar with the race, who point to the bleak financial picture of the National Republican Congressional Committee. “The Committee is flat out broke,” said one veteran aide to a U.S. House Republican. “So, if they’re spending this kind of money on John Murtha, they must sense an opportunity to spring an upset,” he said. The N.R.C.C. has suffered from dismal fundraising during this campaign cycle, in the wake of strong fundraiser efforts by Barack Obama and other top Democrats.Another factor, political analysts said, is recent polling showing Murtha with a four-point lead over Russell. Ron Bonjean, aide to former U.S. House Speaker Dennis Hastert, said Murtha’s recent statements and last weekend’s Saturday Night Liveskit spoofing Murtha are shifting public opinion.

Bonejan said, “There is money pouring into Pennsylvania, against Murtha, even as we speak. People are ticked off. They don’t want to be called names. They want revenge.”Murtha’s campaign will also unveil a new ad campaign this week, targeting radio stations throughout Pennsylvania’s 12th Congressional District. Campaign spokesman Matt Mazonkey criticized Russell for accepting help from the National Republican Congressional Committee. Mazonkey said, “If Republican William Russell wants to accept help from George Bush that?s his choice, we choose to talk about the issues that matter in this campaign ? and I think the voters know the difference between a mouthpiece of the Bush Administration and Mr. Murtha, who is fighting hard for the people of Western Pennsylvania.”

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