This is a VERY Long Shot but there are sources within the Christine O’ Donnell campaign predicting that there may be good GOP news at the end of the night. Apparently a low turnout is good news for the Republican and turnout is breaking O’Donnell’s way. I was told to keep an eye on the turnout number:

The key in Delaware is the number 300,000. If the vote total is significantly below that, Christine could very well win a close victory. She got 140,509 votes against Biden in 2008. In the Primary, the undecideds broke for Christine. Will that happen again?

Apparently as happy as the O’Donnell campaign is about the turnout so far, the Coons staff is worried. He sent out an email today, telling his people to double up on GOTV efforts:

Delaware Democratic Senate nominee Chris Coons sent out an e-mail to supporters midday Tuesday expressing concern about low turnout in some areas.

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Coons came into Election Day leading Republican Christine O’Donnell by double digits in several public polls, but campaign manager Christy Gleason seemed worried about turnout in the two counties that make up the state’s most populous cities.

Turnout showed “lower turnout in New Castle and Kent counties than we’re comfortable with” Gleason wrote.  

Castle is the former county executive of New Castle, and is counting on big numbers in his hometown of Wilmington to offset Republican O’Donnell’s support in the state’s other two less populated, more rural counties.

Coons is complaining that O’Donnell is suppressing the vote

Meanwhile, the state’s commissioner of elections, Elaine Manlove, confirmed to The Ballot Box that after receiving several complaints from voters at polling stations Tuesday, she contacted the O’Donnell campaign and asked that it direct its supporters to tone down their efforts.

She said O’Donnell backers were crowding the exterior of several polling places in anticipation of the candidate’s arrival, which briefly restricted access for some voters.

“The campaign was basically sending out advance teams to polling places to form crowds before [O’Donnell] got there to greet voters,” said Manlove. “My issue with that is that at some places they were blocking the sidewalk and voters need to have access to polling places at all times.”

Manlove also said she has received several complaints that cheering O’Donnell supporters can be heard inside some voting locations.

“Even if they’re standing outside that 50-foot line, if the noise can be heard within the polling place, it’s still a violation,” she said. “It’s the same as taking a bullhorn and yelling ‘vote for my candidate.’ ”

Manlove said since she contacted the O’Donnell campaign, complaints to the state’s board of elections have dried up.

 If you are supporting Christine O’Donnell and haven’t voted yet…get out and vote, your vote may very well be the difference.