While the rest if the world celebrated June 6, the day that the Allied Forces landed on the beaches of Normandy on D-Day to begin the task of putting an end to Hitler’s Nazi regime, Google celebrated a lesbian with its “Doodle” drawing of the day.

That’s right, instead of posting a doodle to celebrate D-Day, Google thought it was more important to celebrate some unknown lesbian that no one cares about, nor should.

Instead of celebrating the singular event that led to an end to one of the most evil and dangerous regimes in human history, Google was all excited about some rando lezzie.

No mention of D-Day, but Google regaled us with: “In honor of Pride Month this Doodle celebrates Chicana lesbian activist, feminist, and author Jeanne Córdova, a pioneering leader of the LGBTQ+ rights movement.”

Instead of a drawing about D-Day, this is what Google users saw on June 6:

Sorry, folks, but without D-Day, we wouldn’t even be allowed to celebrate some barely known and less cared about lesbian.

This is just another example of the extreme left eliminating western history and replacing it with meaningless junk that fits the left’s agenda.

Folks, the long and short of it is that D-Day is important. Jeanne Córdova is not.

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