Sometimes I wonder if I am the only one with an internet browser. I spent my train ride home today reading “news” stories from all around the world about how its time for Israel to make concessions and accept an Arab peace plan. Of course anyone that can use a search engine or Wikopedia can learn look up Oslo and history since then an learn all about the concessions Israel has made. Thy might have a hard time looking for the Palestinian concessions–there aren’t any. Those with Web Browsers might also take the time to go a website of one of the Palestinian “militant” groups. Most of them even have an version in English. It’s obvious that no one at the NY Times or CNN goes there. Here is a “fun” one I went to today. It had an interview with Dr. Mahmoud Al-Zahar Hamas legislator and the former Palestinian Foreign Minister.

Al-Zahar tells what the Mecca agreement meant by recognize previous agreements. Hamas’ meaning was there it is I recognize it. In other words it had no legal standing. If you read what Al-Zahar says in the interview below you will also see that Hamas has NO intention of making peace. They are not trying to moderate they, along with their buddy Abbas are trying to destroy Israel. Any economic aid given to the PUTZ government will be used for that purpose.

2007-04-19 Zahar: We did not Abandon our rights Dr. Mahmoud Al-Zahar , the deputy in the Palestinian legislative Council and the former Palestinian Foreign Minister, confirmed that Hamas keeps to the basics, after Mecca agreement, denying any disputes in Hamas movement. What happened in Mecca Dr, Zahhar said that “what happened in Mecca agreement were four issues; firstly , the agreements and laws that are related with the Palestinian issue which was signed by Arab countries and the PLO, but we didn’t mean (Oslo agreements), because it is known here that we did not recognize the Oslo Agreement and we will not recognize it at all. Also, the international agreements is the Geneva agreement which related to the international law. The humanitarian law which are war, prisoners of war and others. In addition, there are Arab cooperation agreements in security, economic and others. Respect is not a law word ” regarding the word ” respect” or ” accept” .. if I respect your views , it doesn’t mean that I accept your views. So , the saying that we are accepting the Oslo agreement is not true” Q: You mention the word ” respect” which evoked the debate recently that it is an introduction to recognize ” Israel” ? What does commitment mean in Law ?? does respect mean commitment ?? If respect means commitment , then why the two words are different in Language ..they are surely different”. If Hamas wanted to recognize “Israel” , we will say it frankly. Hamas does not have the intention to recognize “Israel” at all because we will contradict the Quran with that in the Israa’ verse “7” and will contradict ourselves that the occupation should be eliminated. Q: Some said that “Accepting Hamas of Palestinian State on 67 borders is considered a retreat of the Hamas project ” Palestine From Sea to River” ? Zahar : If you read Hamas Charter , we were ready to establish a state on any “Span”. That mean : we are ready to establish that state on less than 67 borders or more than that but that doesn’t mean that we will leave the whole land… this is a clear point. The interpretations are Zionist interpretations and some other Palestinian factions , who leave the Palestinian issue at all , took these interpretations. What is the distinction between the political program of Hamas and the political program to the unity government, Which led by one of Hamas leaders Ismail Haniya? The unity government duration of time is three years but Hamas program is not linked to time. Hamas even after the liberation of Palestine, is looking to the Arab and Islamic world as an Islamic state, forming the Arab-Islamic forces unity. Many of the countries which have national contradictions did that like the European Union, African Union. Also, Latin America and even the United States of America, which contains of fifty district ruled by the one capital. Thus, Hamas program is forever and the unity government program is three years. Hamas program conditioned by the constants and basics I talked about but the government’s program is conditioned with the National agreement document. So the unity government program may be considered a part of Hamas program. Q: What are the main differences between the Hamas situations and Fatah situations of the last Palestinian solutions ? The main difference is that “negotiation” is considered a strategy and a last purpose for them but negotiations are considered a mean for us. They consider that the 67 borders and Al-Quds as a capital is the last solution to the Palestinian issue. Also, they recognize “Israel” to be on 78% of the Palestinian land. Thirdly, the right of return to the Palestinian refugees is to 48 borders and not to 67 borders. We see that the Palestinian refugees should return to their homes in which they were out of since 1948. So the views are completely different. They consider that the Palestinian state is 22% from the Palestinian land but we see that we are part of the Islamic and Arabic people. So big difference.