There are at least two things that Canada does better than the United States, Beer, and recognizing that you don’t want terrorists waltzing around your country.  The University of Toronto invited American Terrorist to speak their school.”  The subject of his lecture is unknown but judging by his expertise it was probably terrorism 101. (Ayers and his fellow terrorists planted bombs on the Capitol, Pentagon and other government buildings to protest U.S. policy, on 9/11/01 he was interviewed by the New York Times and said they didn’t do enough).

Yesterday when Ayers, the terrorist and Presidential ex-buddy got off of his airplane in Toronto, Canadian  Immigration decided that they didn’t want terrorists in their country, the question remains, WHY DO WE?  More Below:

GO CANADA- Bill Ayers  Visit Stopped By Canadian Immigration

Weather Underground founder and Barack Obama supporter William Ayers was not permitted to clear customs at a Toronto airport Sunday. 

William Ayers, the 1960s radical whose ties to President-elect Barack Obama caused trouble for his campaign, was turned away from Canada Sunday night as he tried to enter the country for a series of educational events.

Jeffrey Kugler, the executive director for the Center for Urban Schooling at the University of Toronto, said Ayers was deemed not admissible after being pulled aside by Canadian immigration officials while trying to clear customs at the Toronto airport.

Ayers had been invited to speak before the center. He was also scheduled to meet with the Toronto District School Board and do interviews with Canadian television and radio stations, Kugler said.

Kugler said the center sent e-mails notifying guests who planned to attend Ayers’ talk that he had been turned back. Kugler said the center will try to reschedule Ayers.

Ayers, a co-founder of the violent Weather Underground group and current education professor at the University of Illinois at Chicago, told the Toronto Star that he didn’t know why he had been turned away.

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According to Kugler, Ayers was told he could request a hearing but that would mean some sort of detention and a possible two week wait. Ayers opted to return to Chicago.