Moscow is already known as a cold city, average lows during the winter months ranges from 14-18 degrees Fahrenheit. But if Muscovites and other Russians thought the weather was cold before, just wait because its going to get worse, much worse, and they will have company because Polish scientists are predicting that this winter could be the coldest Europe has seen in the last 1,000 years.

British forecasters have already predicted a harsh winter for that country.

They predict things will be almost as bad as in 2009 when we shivered through the coldest winter in 31 years. Then, driving snow made roads impassable, motorists got stranded and councils ran out of grit.

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Of course the Global Warming Nuts will blame it on greenhouse gasses, and the Progressive Democrats in the United States will blame it on George Bush, but the real cause of the cold is the gulf stream.

This kind of weather was predicted by scientist, Mojib Latif who last year predicted that earth was going to cool off for the next 20-30 years. Latif said the cooling would be the result of changes to ocean currents and temperatures in the North Atlantic, a feature known as the North Atlantic Oscillation (NAO) and the NAO may be partly the cause of warming during the past 30 years. Now other scientists are joining the choir.

The change is reportedly connected with the speed of the Gulf Stream, which has shrunk in half in just the last couple of years. Polish scientists say that it means the stream will not be able to compensate for the cold from the Arctic winds. According to them, when the stream is completely stopped, a new Ice Age will begin in Europe.

So far, the results have been lower temperatures: for example, in Central Russia, they are a couple of degrees below the norm.

“Although the forecast for the next month is only 70 percent accurate, I find the cold winter scenario quite likely,” Vadim Zavodchenkov, a leading specialist at the Fobos weather center, told RT. “We will be able to judge with more certainty come November. As for last summer’s heat, the statistical models that meteorologists use to draw up long-term forecasts aren’t able to predict an anomaly like that.”

I wonder if Al Gore is sitting in a quiet room and crying.  At any rate while the global warming alarmists are continuing to spread their bogus models the scientists that actually look out a window and check the temperature are predicting the second straight winter with subnormal temperatures.