Two weeks ago an Islamofacist website,, (which is hosted by American Company NOC4Hosts Inc. in Florida) posted a message called “As You Condemn Others, So You Will Be Condemned.” Written by a terrorist group called Harakat Al-Shabab Al-Mujahideen. message threatens to attack the capitals of African countries which are participating in the peacekeeping force in Somalia, the worshipers of the Cross.
This is just another peice of the growing evidence that Islamofacists are not looking to attack just Israel or the Jews. It is global terrorist war against anybody that is not Muslim

The following are excerpts: [1] “Whoever Fights Us – We Will Hit Him Back with All [Our] Might” “…Whoever fights us – we will hit him back with all [our] might… let no-one expect us to file a complaint with the heretic U.N, or to say, as the Asmara Alliance [2] [said] in its political manifesto, ‘We do not pose danger to any side, [though] we are a suppressed nation whose lands have been occupied and their inhabitants banished… These words of weakness aren’t the words of the mujahideen; [these words] infiltrated our midst [under the influence] of the heretic U.N. and under the title of ‘legitimate resistance.’ (This principle is not new; it is the essence of what the Christians call ‘turning the other cheek’)… “… We stress that we will retaliate. Whoever banishes Muslim nations [from their lands] grants us permission to banish his people [from their land]; whoever kills our women – we shall kill his women; whoever attacks our dignity – we shall give him what he deserves; whoever turns our mothers into widows and our children into orphans – we shall turn his mother into a widow and increase [the number of] his orphans…” If Mogadishu Is Attacked, the Capitals of Ethiopia, Burundi and Uganda Will Suffer the Same Fate “And if the Somali capital Mogadishu is fiercely shelled and destroyed by the Ethiopian-Burundian-Ugandan alliance, then Addis Ababa, capital of Ethiopia, Kampala, capital of Uganda, and Bujumbura, capital of Burundi, will be exposed to the very same grief that Mogadishu experienced, for such are scales of justice… “The soldiers and people of the states that are participating in the occupation of our country have become part of the Crusader alliance led by the global criminal Bush, and [partners in] the war he is waging on all the Muslims. Thereby, they have made themselves targets for attacks by the Muslims who are protecting themselves and their religion.”And just as they rallied under the banner of the global Crusade against Islam, we [now join] the mujahideen in the global Islamic war against the Cross; just as the Abyssinians [Ethiopians] are helped by their brethren, the worshippers of the Cross, so do we have our Muslim brethren in all the countries of the world, including the countries from which [the soldiers of the peacekeeping force in Somalia] come – [namely] Ethiopia, Uganda, Burundi and so on… They stand with us and we stand with them against [our] common Crusader enemy.”

[1] [2] An Eritrean-based Somali opposition group.