Where’s Al Gore now that we need him.  After all there is more bad news for the global warming hoaxers, the Arctic is not getting warmer as they promised, its getting colder. So cold that the ice in the Bering Sea has started to build up much earlier than normal. Making it harder to harvest their “cash crop” of snow crabs (or as they are called in Hebrew–Traif!).

Snow crab fishing is a key industry in Alaska an the ice is threatening to put a halt to the industry during the peak of the season.

Earlier-than-expected ice is moving south over prime crabbing grounds, forcing boats away from their catch and putting millions of dollars of equipment in jeopardy.

These kind of “mother nature effects” are part of the fishing business everywhere, said Karen Gillis, the executive director of the Bering Sea Fishermen’s Association.

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But this fishery, which was expected to net 80 million pounds this year, hasn’t seen a natural event like this in 20 years, she said, and it could have a devastating economic impact on crabbers and their families.

“We’re talking about household incomes that are being severely impacted, households that don’t have a lot of other income sources,” Gillis said.

But wait how can that happen?  The world is getting hotter the ice caps are melting and we are all going to die…aren’t we?

Very cold temperatures and strong winds are pushing the ice south at the rate of 10-15 miles a day, according to the National Weather Service. A rate of 2-3 miles a day is normal. The ice itself has a maximum thickness of two feet.

The conditions are rare, but not unprecedented, scientists say.
Ice in this area of the Bering Sea is normal, just not this early, said Legatt.
“It’s definitely impacted the fishing grounds,” said Legatt.

It has also reached the place where most snow crab is processed, Seattle-based seafood giant Trident’s massive St. Paul plant.

“We have to deliver a certain amount of our crab to St. Paul and with the way the ice is, you just can’t get to it,” Poulson said.

This can’t be real, its gotta be some kind of mirage. Maybe these ice caps never read the papers to learn that they are supposed to be melting.  Allow me to recommend that former Vice President send Man-Bear-Pig to Alaska to help out.

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