The already nasty Florida Primary race has gotten even nastier.  At a press conference yesterday former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich told reporters that Mitt Romney was not ready to be president.  Sixty-two years ago, said the speaker, “when Romney was just two, he pooped in his diaper.”  He continued, “Doesn’t Americans deserve to know what was in that poop?”

Not to be out done, the former Massachusetts Governor shot back with,”our investigators have found that  when Speaker Gingrich was in kindergarten, he took a scissor and violently destroyed a box of crayola crayons.” Pointing to a woman behind him. ” Mrs. Sally Yenta, who is here with me will testify to the fact that she was a classmate of the former Speakers and his act of  Crayola-cide was directed at her Crayons, , plus a related incident where he dipped Mrs. Yenta’s pigtails in a cup of yellow paint,”

Obviously, I made all these charges up, but are they that far off from what is going on in the GOP campaign today. The Republican candidates for president have forgotten all about what gave them the House, and almost gave them the Senate in 2010.

Where is the talk about fiscal responsibility and how they will cut the deficit? I don’t care that Romney and Gingrich once supported the individual mandate, I want to know what are the exact steps they will take to get rid of Obamacare-which executive orders, what congressional votes are necessary.  How many times do we need to hear that Mitt Romney used to be pro choice, when I can guarantee either Romney or Gingrich will be much better on life issues than Barack Obama. Where are the attacks on the government’s encroachment on our freedoms. How do the candidates intend to pull back other regulations? I have yet to hear a candidate talk about giving us back incandescent light bulbs, or toilet bowls that actually flush, both of which have been taken away by government regulations. I believe that Romney, Gingrich and Santorum all want to prevent Iran from developing nukes…what’s their plan???

At the heart of this all is instead of debating the issues, this has been a contest about “Who is the most conservative?” “Who is the favorite of the tea party?” “Who is being Helped by the GOP establishment?” and of course “Who did what to or for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac?”

I will answer it all with two words, “Who Cares?” Did any of the candidates watch the President’s State of the Union Address the other day?  I did and it was a frightening vision of class warfare, increased government encroachment on our individual liberty, and tax policies that will destroy the economy.

That speech is the target, that speech should be the ammo for each of the GOP candidates. Instead the candidates have thrown aside what will expand the GOP base and will attract independents, instead they are wasting their time providing ammo for the President. 

Enough! Its time to stop attacking each other and start attacking the real villain, the progressive politics that will sent this great republic over the abyss.

In 2010 the Republican party was united in one goal, to fire Nancy Pelosi from her speaker’s job. The goal in 2012 should be to fire Barack Obama. Instead we find that the candidates are too busy attacking each other to set their vision to accomplish the mission.

It gives this observer the strong feeling that there is a lot of diaper pooping being done by these Adult GOP candidates.

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