There has been much controversy over a video created funded by the British Government and created by the group 1010. The controversy over this anti-global warming video (now called splattergate) stems from the fact that the opening scene shows children blowing up. In fact everybody who is a climate change skeptic in the movie gets blown up. Gillian Anderson (of X-Files fame) does the some of voice-over for the almost four minute film and is its last “victim.”

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(The Blaze has more on the controversy here)

This is not the first time Ms. Anderson has been all over a moonbat the earth is going to die craze,  back in 1999 the she appeared on the Letterman Show, warning of the dangers of the Y2K end of all computer life as we know it.

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 (if you cannot see video below click here)

GILLIAN: Actually, you know what? I actually have been doing a lot of research on Y2K. I have indeed. Did you… Do have a specific question? Am I interrupting?…

LETTERMAN: Give us an example of how bad things might be. This is a conjecture, it’s conjecture, but it might

GILLIAN: Well, you know, there’s a possibility that there could be a huge food shortage in stores,

LETTERMAN: Born of what? Why is there… What is the computer thing have to do with food

GILLIAN: Well, because in terms of, like… In terms of getting the food in the trucks to go to all the different cities around, and if the computers aren’t working to regulate that system,

LETTERMAN: Everything breaks

GILLIAN: Then everything kind of breaks

LETTERMAN: So dependent have we become on

GILLIAN: Oh, absolutely– which is so ironic, because I think what this is about right now is, this is an opportunity for us to get back to basics in a sense, and for us to unite as communities to help each other, so that eventually, if there is a devastating effect, that at least we can join together with the people around us, instead of, you know, acting out of fear and robbing our neighbors for food, or for money, or whatever, because there’s nothing around. And the ironic thing is that… Why are you guys laughing? 

I don’t know what it is with Gillian Anderson, maybe she spent too much time on the set of the X-Files, but it seems that every time there is a rumor that the world is going to end…she is involved.