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Gilad Shalit Greeted By His Dad As PM Netanyahu Looks On

Six years after being kidnapped by Hamas Terrorists 25-year-old Gilad Shalit has been released and is back with his family. Looking a bit pale, Gilad was declared in good condition after examination by an IDF Physician.

Sadly before he left Egypt Shalit was forced to undergo one more torture, and exploitative interview by Egypt State TV. Where he was asked, among other things should Israel release the 4,000 Palestinian prisoners? “Yes” He said, “only if they promise not to return to terrorism.”

Shalit was released in exchange for over a thousand Palestinian terrorists, many guilty of Mass Murder. But in what must have been a gut-wrenching decision, the Israeli government decided the risk of more terror was mitigated by bringing one soldier home.

Some will say that this shows that one Israeli life is equal to that of one thousand Palestinian lives.  This is not true.  What the deal to bring Shalit home does prove is the incredible value Israel places on one life, both Israeli and Palestinian.  That will always be Israels “Achilles Heel,” as it is the Achilles heel of most of the West.  And personally,. I wouldn’t want to live in a society that thought differently.

Shalit Transferred From Hamas To Egypt

At approximately 6:45AM eastern time, Gilad Shalit landed at Tel Nof Air Base, greeted by the Prime Minster, Defense Minister, Army Chief of Staff and most importantly his parents. One reporter said that it was as his own child had been returned. Indeed! I would suspect that the vast majority of the country feels that way.

Shalit And Dad

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