These sick sub-humans are going after kids. Nothing Proves that these Nazi bastards in Germany are probably suffering from brain damage brought on from advanced syphilis than their intended target nursery school kids. Not only were Nazi slogans painted on the outside of the wall but a smoke bomb was thrown inside.

Berlin’s Jews Say Nursery Attack Shows Anti-Semitism Still Alive

Police inspect anti-Jewish graffiti on the walls of the nursery in Berlin

The leader of Berlin’s Jewish community said on Thursday that an attack on a Jewish nursery school which was daubed with swastikas showed anti-Semitism was still a threat.

Gideon Joffe issued the warning at a prayer service held to protest against the attack in which “Jews get out” was sprayed on a wall and a smoke flare was thrown into the unoccupied building in western Berlin at the weekend. There were no injuries but the nursery was damaged by fire. He said the attack showed that anti-Semitism was not a thing of the past in the city where the Nazis planned the extermination of European Jewry more than 60 years ago. Six million Jews were killed in the Holocaust. “I invite all those Germans who say they want an end to the debate about the Nazi past to wear the kippah (skullcap) or a Star of David so they can experience the anti-Semitism that German Jews are confronted with on a daily basis,” Joffe said. Interior Minister Wolfgang Schäuble attended the service to express the government’s condemnation of the attack.

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I guess these cowards were afraid the the four year-olds they went after last week might get angry, because now they are going after dead people–they can’t fight back.

BERLIN (AFP-EJP)— An old Jewish cemetery in Bavaria, southern Germany, was desecrated. More than half of the gravestones, some more than two centuries old, have been severely broken, police announced on Sunday. Roughly 60 tombstones in the cemetery outside the town of Diespeck were pulled down.
11 of the graves held the remains of Jewish soldiers who fought for Germany during World War I. Bavarian police said the attack appeared to have taken place at the end of January, but was not immediately noticed. No extremist graffiti has been founded and it was possible that the vandalism was not politically motivated, police added. The incident comes after unidentified people sprayed swastikas and anti-Semitic slogans on the walls of a Jewish nursery school in Berlin last weekend. The president of the Greens, Claudia Roth, told reporters that the two incidents showed “that we need to act against growing anti-Semitism in our country.” There have been several cases in Germany in recent years of Jewish graves being desecrated by anti-Semites. Last weekend’s attack on the Berlin school led Chancellor Angela Merkel to warn that “every attack on a Jewish building is an attack on our democracy.”

So Chancellor Merkel, the has been another attack on your democracy…when are you going to take ACTION.