Every time the word repugnant is used in Washington DC, Alan Grayson, who is running for re-election in Florida’s 8th congressional district,  thinks people are asking him to make a speech. Grayson, is known for being nasty to just about everyone who disagrees with him, whether it be a former Vice President (a vampire)  a consultant in the treasury department (K street whore) or the entire GOP (their health care plan is die quickly). The progressive Congressman from the Disneyworld area of Florida has a unique combination of traits, a nasty disposition combined with an aversion to the truth.Grayson is loved by his fellow progressives, because he believes that we object to their policies because the public is too stupid to understand them.

Today however, it’s Grayson’s intelligence that is questioned. And its being questioned by someone whose intelligence cannot be questioned, George Will. Will makes the argument an old boss of mine used to make, “I can deal with someone who is nasty, and I can deal with someone who is stupid, but stupid and nasty is a deadly combination.” In his weekly Newsweek piece, George Will calls Grayson “America’s Worst Politician” as he endorsed his challenger Daniel Webster.

There are hundreds of plausible nominees for the title of America’s Second-Smarmiest Politician, but surely the top spot is un-contested. Americans of all political persuasions can come together in affirming one proposition: Public life would be improved by scrubbing Rep. Alan Grayson from it. This act of civic hygiene probably will be performed Nov. 2 by voters of Florida’s Eighth Congressional District. Polls indicate that a majority of them plan to deny Grayson, 52, a second term by electing his resonantly named opponent, Daniel Webster

Grayson, never missing an opportunity to live down to his reputation, ridicules Webster’s “18th-century name.” Given Grayson’s relentless advertising of his intellectual shortcomings, it is surprising that he recognizes the name.

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Will goes on to criticize the two Grayson ads that set new records for the bottom of the political barrel, Taliban Dan and Draft Dodger, before he really lets Grayson have it.

Grayson’s rhetorical style is schoolyard crude. He has said, “If you get sick, America, the Republican health-care plan is this: Die quickly.” He has compared Republicans to “knuckle-dragging Neanderthals” and Nazis burning the Reichstag. He has said, “I have trouble listening to what [Dick Cheney] says sometimes because of the blood that drips from his teeth while he’s talking.” He has referred to a high-ranking woman official at the Federal Reserve as a “K Street whore.”

…..The vulgarity of Grayson’s brief congressional career validates the axiom that there is unseemly exposure of mind as well as of body. Concerning his nonstop anger, whether real or feigned, remember: “Anger is not an argument.” So said Sen. Daniel Webster (1782–1852).

 Read Will’s entire piece here