“We are going to appoint ‘Mad Dog’ Mattis as our secretary of defense,” Trump told a rally in Cincinnati. He said the formal announcement would be made on Monday.

The choice of a seasoned military strategist and respected leader would be another indication that Trump  intends to steer U.S. foreign policy away from Barack Obama’s increased reliance capitulating to our enemies and leading from behind,  to fighting Islamist terrorists helping to deter Russian and Chinese aggression in Europe and Asia.

The general is famous for both his blunt talk and his engaging leadership in recent U.S. conflicts. “He is without a doubt one of the finest military officers of his generation and an extraordinary leader who inspires a rare and special admiration of his troops,” said Senator John McCain (R-AZ) who chairs the armed services committee and will conduct Mattis’ confirmation hearing. McCain made it clear that, to him, the wavier is a non-issue. “America will be fortunate to have General Mattis in its service once again,” he said in a statement.

In March 2003, the same month U.S. forces invaded Iraq, General Mattis wrote a letter to everyone under his command, encouraging them to think before firing their weapons — and to “Fight with a happy heart and strong spirit. Demonstrate to the world there is no better friend, no worse enemy than a U.S. Marine.”

Because he retired only in 2013, Mattis would need the U.S. Congress to waive a requirement that a defense secretary be a civilian for at least seven years before taking the top job at the Pentagon. His impressive combat record, however, may deter some Senate Democrats from trying to block his nomination. But NY Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, a supporter of Obama’s flawed Iran deal, has already announced that she will oppose Mattis getting the waiver he needs.

Trump has described Mattis as “a true general’s general” and “the closest thing we have to Gen. George Patton.”

Mattis was pushed into retirement in 2013 said Mattis when he headed Central Command because of his fierce disagreements with the administration and his attitude that wars should not be fought if there is no intention to win.

Mattis, whose past assignments include leading Central Command, which oversees U.S. military operations in the Middle East and South Asia, is known for his colorful expressions.

My Liberty Alliance colleague Ted Slater took his most colorful expressions and created memes, which he posted on Constitution.com and has permitted me to repost here: