First they Blame Israel…Now as Victor Hanson explains in today’s NRO the terrorist apologists in the media are blaming the United States for the “Civil” War In Gaza (see below). In a way I can’t really blame them. For years the media has ignored the real facts about Fatah and Hamas. The media has been excusing these terrorist groups continued killing of innocent Israelis, disregard for their own people by using them as human shields, and their corrupting of children–>teaching them to grow up and die for Allah. It would be embarrassing for the media to tell the truth now. They would have to admit that they were lying all those years.

In the spirit of cooperation I have decided to provide the media with an out. The following are some reasons for the Terrorist “Civil” War that the media can use without having to lie about Israel or the United States:

  • Parenting: Both Groups claim that they are the father of Anna Nicole Smith’s Baby.
  • Its All About Baseball: Fatah Likes the Yankees, Hamas supports the Boston Red Sox you know how fans of those teams HATE each other.
  • American Idol: Hamas can’t get over the fact that Melinda didn’t Win.
  • Stooges: The Age Old Battle who was the best partner to Moe and Lary–>Curly or Shemp
  • War: No not the military kind, something REALLY vicious like a Synagogue Board Election
  • Starbucks: No Starbucks in Gaza or the West Bank. Hey, everyone is a bit cranky without a good cup of coffee in the morning.

I am sure that there are other compromise excuses that the Media can use, they may not be true, but hey they are probably more truthful than blaming the US or Israel as Victor Hanson explains below:

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Gaza — It’s All Our Fault
Blaming America on CNN is all the rage.

By Victor Davis Hanson

One of the more depressing things of being stuck in airports during East-Coast June storms is watching CNN and its parade of glib fools that appear hourly blaming (but, of course) the U.S. for the miasma in Gaza and the ongoing creepy Fatah/Hamas killing.

I lost count of the various contortions. One talking head censures the Americans for not recognizing Hamas despite its refusal to disclaim its reason-to-be of undoing the Jewish state.

Another cited the “culture of violence” unleashed by the U.S. (read Iraq) — i.e., apparently the West Bank was like Nantucket until 2003.

Yet another lamented our support for elections that ushered in Hamas, as if the generic support for democracy makes us culpable for the odious government that the people freely chose to elect. (As if one who voted for such a terrorist clique would expect the United States to keep subsidizing it; as if one would have to keep talking to Hitler because he was once elected).

And then, of course, was the most Orwellian of all — our failure to support (e.g., send arms to) Fatah! (Is a terrorist organization no longer a terrorist organization when it is one-upped by another terrorist organization?)

An alien from Mars would almost instantly diagnose the problem of the Palestinians from simply listening to their inane apologists: The problem is not the acquisition of the final seven percent of the West Bank denied in the offer to them at Camp David, but the pathology of a victim culture, one that has learned, through playing the card of terror with simultaneous appeals to multicultural guilt, how to shake down Westerners for their money, attention, and pity.

And now for the very life of it, it can’t figure out how to quit that lucrative habit — so much so that, teenager-like, it simultaneously seems to cry “I don’t want anything to do with you” and “I don’t want anything to do with you even more because you don’t want anything to do with me.”

Never a word about murderers having free will and being responsible for their murdering — much less recognition that a culture that canonizes suicide bombers forgets that once they banish the rules of civilization there is no reason why such savagery would not be turned on themselves.

The only interesting comment came from one “expert” who swore this wasn’t a civil war! — the type of Middle Eastern savant we have heard the last two years swearing that Iraq is torn by?

A full-fledged civil war, of course.