For years we have been hearing the same story from the Three Stooges running Israel’s foreign policy (Livni, Barak and Mr. Comb-over himself, Prime Minister Olmert). “This time we really truly mean it, we are not going to take it any more! WE are definitely going to stop Hamas from sending rockets and mortars into the Negev communities.

FINALLY, Today at around 11:30AM an offensive was launched, with the IDF carrying out two separate waves of attacks. Some 80 warplanes and helicopters dropped 100 bombs were dropped on dozens of targets.

At a press conference announcing the operation defense Minister Barak said “There is a time for cease-fires and a time to fight, and now is the time to fight,” Barak said. “For months the IDF and security forces have been preparing for the operation that began today. I don’t want to deceive anyone,” he said. “It won’t be easy and won’t be quick. We must be resolute.”

Was it necessary? During the “Cease-fire” over 500 Rockets/Mortars were fired into Negev communities. What other country would show the kind of restraint that Israel has shown. What you will hear from the Arab countries is that Hamas had no choice, they had to deal with the occupiers. ISRAEL WITHDREW FROM GAZA IN AUGUST OF 2005. Since that disengagement there were 7,651 rockets/mortars sent from GAZA and average of over 6 per day. Will Israel finally open her mouth and show what has happened since disengagement?

What about the Civilian Casualties? Don’t forget that those civilian death counts are a propaganda tool. They are WAY inflated. The other point is that Hamas violates international law by using Human Shields. They even Brag about it:

The real question that few are answering is Israel’s policy of restraint FINALLY Over? Israel, has had quick starts. Israel officials say, is over. On the positive side, rather than target the Kassam crews that set themselves up in Gaza neighborhoods, fire into the Negev’s residential areas and then run away – Israel has elected to attack the terrorist infrastructure.

Hamas is threatening a further escalation in rocket fire,already 80 rockets sent in the past 24 hours.There has been with a chorus of calls for Israeli restraint, including the USUAL Arab suspects, and of course France. US SOS Condi Rice, the Dhimmi Queen has demanded an immediate cease fire.Its Time for Israel to have the GUTS to say NO! Remind the world they kept quiet during the 500+ Atacks during the past 6 months, now its time for Israel to defend its KIDS!
Yes the time for restraint is Over! But Israel must do more than Unleash its Military might for a short burst. Its weak leadership must show that it has learned the lessons of the Lebanon war and actually try to win this time. Israel must also learn that it is time to end the diplomatic restraint. Tell the world NO! This will no longer stand. Israel will NOT accept its children being fired at. ONLY then will other nations begin to deal with her seriously.