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If you believe the outlandish rhetoric of progressive politicians like Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders, the National Rifle Association (NRA) is the most evil thing ever invented by mankind  They make speeches trying to give the impression that its members’  first thing activity after they wake up in the morning is to beat up little puppies. But Americans aren’t paying attention to rhetoric as a new Gallup Poll indicates that 58% of Americans have a favorable view of the NRA.



Not only is support of the NRA strong, but it higher than it was in December 2012 when 54% of Americans had a factorable impression of the gun rights/education organization

As one might expect liberals have an unfavorable opinion of the NRA (30% favorable, 65% unfavorable), moderates (56%) and conservatives (77%) have a favorable opinion of the NRA. Using the chart below Favorable= Very Favorable +Mostly Favorable.


Both gun owners and non gun owners have a positive view of the NRA, although as one might expect gun owners support is at a much higher level (78%-20%) than those who don’t own a gun (49%-42%). Note: in an earlier survey Gallup determined that 28% of Americans own a gun.


This poll suggest that perhaps its time for progressive politicians to drop the scare tactics, stop scapegoating the National Rifle Association and law abiding gun owners.  If they truly want to find a solution to the mass shootings in the world it would be better to have thought full conversations (including the NRA) rather than the knee-jerk reactions and thoughtless politically motivated scare-mongering we see today. After all it’s not working.

Arguably the National Rifle Association knows more about guns and gun usage than the politicians trying to discredit the organization. If they decided to include the group as a resource in its discussions, it would be much more likely to arrive at a solution that will prevent criminals from obtaining guns without damaging the Second Amendment rights of law abiding U.S.Citizens.


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