With great Justification, Israel has stepped up its operations in a Major way. It can be said that they probably waited much too long to defend the Negev communities than they should have. They are now battling a much more powerful Hamas than they would have a year ago.Now as by all accounts Israel has decide to fight back there is so much more at stake than just protecting Sderot and Ashkelon:

  • The “Invincibility” of the IDF- While Lebanon was not a defeat it was a failure. The War was a failure for two reasons, because the IDF relied on air power for too long, and because the government tried to get away with fighting the war half-assed. The result of the debacle is that the IDF lost one of its biggest weapons–its deterrence.

Israel better be in Gaza to win, because not only will Hamas be strengthened by a standoff with the IDF but Hezbollah will be watching and even more importantly so will Iran.

  • The Supposed Peace Process: The pressure on Israel to make silly concessions got much worse after Lebanon. Try to imagine how bad things will get if Hamas does well in Gaza. And if Hamas is as successful as Hezbollah was they will soon rule in the west bank.
  • Barak (Ehud not Obama): The Current Defense Minister wasn’t thrown out of the PM office because of Oslo-he was voted out because when the intifada started he was weak on terror. Barak has the experience to be a military leader its time to show that he has the guts.
  • The War on Terror: Israel is supposed to be a fighter in the Worldwide War on Terror. A stand-off or God forbid, a loss to Hamas in Gaza, will adversely effect the entire war effort, the “little Satan” defeated.

Folks Israel didn’t fight the Lebanon War to win. If it does the same thing in Gaza it will effect more than the communities in GAZA, it will effect the lives of us all inside and outside of Israel.