You know sometimes it is so hard to keep straight all the things that Jews do. We control the banks, the media, our lobby controls the government, all of that blood libel stuff, and now it seems we executed Saddam. (I promise it wasn’t me, at the time I was saying Birkat Hamazon after a joyous Shabbos dinner).

I think we should set this straight. We need to fine this one bad egg, the one Zionist who is running around the world doing all of these very bad things must be stopped. Therefore I am offering a reward, I will give the contents of my Tsedaka box, to anyone who provides information leading to the arrest of whoever this bad seed is. In the meantime we should read this ADL report about the Arab Media’s investigation of this story.

Arab Media Suggests “Zionists” Executed Saddam–From The ADL

Posted: January 3, 2007
In the days following the hanging of former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein, columnists and cartoonists in the Arab and Muslim press have promulgated conspiracy theories suggesting that “Zionists” played a behind-the-scenes role in meting out his death sentence and participated in the actual execution.

Editorial columns and political cartoons appearing in mainstream newspapers in various Arab countries, including Qatar, Bahrain, Jordan, Algeria and elsewhere, suggested that “Zionists” aided in Saddam’s demise in an effort to promote what several described as Israel’s “colonial aspirations.”

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Criticizing Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians and its so-called “colonial” character, various columnists asserted that Saddam’s execution would give Israel an opening to push further East in its “conquest of the Middle East.”

The language and imagery in the Arab and Muslim press frequently portrayed the execution as a cooperative effort between the United States and Israel — drawing upon common anti-Semitic notions of a Jewish conspiracy in Washington.

Media in the Arab and Muslim world also praised the former dictator’s legacy, noting his “achievements” of shelling Tel Aviv during the first Gulf War and pursuing pan-Arabism and a strengthened Arab world.

The Kurds and Iran were thrown together with the U.S. and Israel as either explicitly benefiting from Saddam’s death or taking part in the execution itself. Iran was often paired with Israel as a “colonial state” with an interest in expanding its sphere of influence in the region.

Al-Khabar, January 3, 2007 (Algiers) The cartoon’s title reads: “Those who mostly benefited from the occupation of Iraq and the execution of Saddam are: Israel and Iran.” On the right, Iran is representing: “The Dream of Expansion through the Arab world.” On the left, Israel is representing: “The Great Israel Plan from the Nile until the Euphrates.”

Akhbar al-Khalij, January 3, 2007 (Bahrain) In Arabic: “He was executed proud, bareheaded and eyed-opened.”

Al-Khabar, January 1, 2007 (Algeria) The cartoon’s headline: “America, Israel and Iran welcomed Saddam’s execution. Egypt, Morocco and Saudi Arabia condemned the timing.” The man on the right is saying: “Wouldn’t it be better if they executed him before the Holiday?” The man in the middle is answering: “They embarrassed us, long-living (friend)!”

Akhbar al-Khalij, January 1, 2007 (Bahrain) The cartoon’s headline: “New Year.” (Literally: “The Head of the Year”) The USA, Israel and Iran are pulling Saddam’s halter.

Akhbar al-Khalij, December 31, 2006 (Bahrain) Saddam is being executed by the Kurds, Israel, America and Iran. “Arab neighboring countries” are left aside. The cartoon’s headline: “Who Hanged Him?”

  • “Saddam is the first Arab leader who showered the capital of the Zionist entity with tens of missiles. His people and the Iraqi resistance fighters, which are heroes, are still fighting for our Arabism, which is threatened by the fire of invasion, occupation and Anglo-American and Zionist-Shiite cooperation throughout the whole Arab region” Samira Rajab, “He Could Have Died Only as a Hero,” Akhbar al-Khalij, January 1, 2007 (Bahrain)
  • “It is natural that the Zionists are happy since their happiness outbreaks are derived from the same Imperialist American elements. The Zionist view is clearly unique whenever it is squeezed in a narrow corner along with the American hostile view, which sees the Zionist entity as one of the most prominent tools in the region. This is because it (Israel CN) is a settling and racist base which cannot continue to exist in the era of globalization and the era when the Fascist and racist regimes collapse”)“The Wrong Message of Saddam’s Execution,” Ash-Sharq, January 1, 2007 (Qatar)
  • “Among the enemies of the dictator is Israel, which was delighted by the execution of Saddam and ‘the truth’s prevail,’ as if Israel is not creating every day new gallows for the Palestinians, and torture them through the ugliest forms of terror.”)Zuheir Qasibati, “The Gallows and the Enemies,” Al-Hayat, January 1, 2007 (UK)
  • Saddam’s execution why did it happen? The colonialists pushed by the International Zionism they want Saddam’s destiny to be a lesson for any rebel and for those who oppose their plans and goals
  • Saddam’s execution can increase the eagerness of the internal killings and deepen the sectarian division.This is a new-old Jewish issue and it is been researched and reviewed by the Anglo-Sacs colonialists until nowadays” George Haddad, “Saddam the Shahid is Stronger and More Effective Comparing to Saddam the Prisoner,” Ad-Dustur, January 1, 2007 (Jordan)

To be honest being a long time New York Knick fan, I prefer to think that Isaiah Thomas is behind the whole thing.