Herut, a  leading American Zionist organization, has developed an inspirational anthology for Passover reading that is offered for free upon request. The collection includes classic, hard-to-find essays by the founding fathers of Zionism, including Ze’ev Jabotinsky and others. The 20 page PDF booklet also contains recent articles that are included with the intention of increasing the understanding of the Seder and the overall holiday. free download for Passover 

“This Passover booklet is titled “M’Avdut L’Herut, From Slavery to Freedom.” We created it originally in 2020, and the positive response was overwhelming. So now we have produced this new expanded version for 2021,” explains Karma Feinstein Cohen, the Executive Director of Herut North America. “Our fervent hope is that through this unique compilation, readers will gain new insights into Passover from classical Zionist thinkers of previous generations.”

This collection of essays and thoughts about Passover can be used to complement the use of a Haggadah during the Seder meal or read at other times during the holiday.

“Zionist education is Herut’s main mission and has been since our inception, and that was one reason for the creation of this Passover anthology,” said Herut North America’s National Director Moshe Phillips. “Our hope is that these articles will provide a fresh, Zionist perspective on this amazing holiday and allow readers to explore holiday themes that they may be unfamiliar with even though they may be celebrating without family and friends for the second year in a row.”

To download your free copy of “M’Avdut L’Herut; From Slavery to Freedom” as a printable PDF, please visit  https://herutna.org/pesach-2021

Herut is an international movement for Jewish Unity, Zionist pride, and education. It is dedicated to the ideals of pre-World War Two Zionist leader Ze’ev Jabotinsky. Jeff Dunetz (The Lid) is an active member of the organization –Please consider joining me in this great organization at this link.


free download for Passover