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ENOUGH ALREADY!!!!—French President Sarkozy has Israel to make some gestures in the Peace talks with the Terrorist Fatah. Lets look at what Israel has done so far–released prisoners, allowed arms shipments–told Abbas of planned territorial concessions.

Now lets look at what Abbas’ Fatah has done. Tried to kill the Prime Minister of Israel, Continued terrorist attacks, threatened another intifada and promised its people that they will not make ANY concessions. And at the same time they are still teaching their kids that Jews are a hated people and one day Israel will be no more.

Gee it doesn’t sound like a fair trade to me. The only ‘gesture’ Israel should make right now is the one shown above.

Sarkozy asks for gestures in peace talks
THE JERUSALEM POST Oct. 22, 2007 France wants Israel to be creative and make “some gestures” in negotiations with the Palestinians, President Nicolas Sarkozy told the Prime Minister Ehud Olmert Monday. The two leaders also discussed Iran’s nuclear program and a US-hosted Mideast peace conference expected to take place in Annapolis, Maryland, in November or December. Sarkozy’s spokesman would not detail what gestures France hopes for from Israel. “It would really be extremely counterproductive that I, the French president’s spokesman, talk about the proposals that this side or that could make in the course of this negotiation,” said David Martinon. He said Sarkozy and Olmert discussed the disputed status of Jerusalem, Palestinian refugees and other issues. Sarkozy “indicated that as long as the security of the state of Israel is assured, then one has to show creativity and try to make some gestures,” Martinon said. On Iran, Martinon said: “It is not acceptable for France or Israel that Iran be armed with a nuclear weapon.” France’s position toward Iran has toughened since Sarkozy took office in May. His administration says it suspects Iran of seeking to build a nuclear bomb and has pushed for tougher sanctions. Israel maintains that Iran is a threat to its existence and has hinted in the past that it could strike militarily if the international community allows Iran to develop nuclear arms. Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who insists his country’s nuclear ambitions are peaceful, has repeatedly called for Israel’s destruction. Olmert was also scheduled to see Prime Minister Francois Fillon later Monday and to meet with members of France’s Jewish community. On Tuesday, Olmert is scheduled to fly to London for talks with British Prime Minister Gordon Brown. His visits take place amid international pressure on Israel and the Palestinians to agree on a common vision of a final peace deal before the Middle East peace conference. The Palestinians want a detailed joint statement on what peace talks are to produce, complete with a timetable for the establishment of a Palestinian state. Israel is seeking greater flexibility and wants a broad statement with fewer specific commitments.

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