The latest Fox News/Opinion Dynamics poll is out and it reflects that the disconnect of the President, and his party from the American people, especially among voters who are registered as independents. In just two weeks Obama’s overall approval rating dropped from 54 to 50%, among independents a key category, it has gone from 41 to 46%. And on key issues, his position is not even in the neighborhood of American Voters:

  • The President Apologizes too much:  Overall 51% of voters believe that Obama apologizes too much for past US policies.  Both Independents (54%) and Republicans (77%) are upset about the “apology tour.” Democrats (only 26% disagree).
  •  President’s Policies spend too much. Do you think the Obama administration is proposing more government spending than American taxpayers can afford, or not? 65% of all Voters think so, (90% of GOP, 74% of Independents, only 39% of Democrats).
  • The Deficit is hurting the future of the country. On this issue everyone agrees 78% of all Voters, 65% of Dems, 85% of independents and 92% of GOP. In fact most American voters (77%) believe that the government should be cutting spending. Even the Dems (62%)
  • American Voters are worried about:
    • Govt Spending 79%
    • The Federal Deficit 77%
    • Iran developing Nukes 77%
    • Leaving the country worse off for Future Generations 74%
    • Federal encroachment into private industry 63% ( only Republicans and Independents have a majority worried Dems at 41%)
    • Too Much Power in Washington 59% (only Republicans and Independents have a majority worried Dems at 34%)
  • Afghanistan–All types of voters support the action in Afghanistan (64%). They are divided whether there should be an increase or decrease in troop levels, but few independants (35%) and GOP (14%) believe that the President is doing what it takes to win in Afghanistan. Everyone believes that President Obama should be listening to the advice of his Generals on the ground. A Plurality of Democrats 45% along with  majority of Republicans (90%) and Independents (68%) trust the milatary commanders to make the decisions for next steps in the war over the POTUS.
  • Yes to Waterboarding: 66% of all voters (including Democrats) support using harsh interrogation techniques on the terrorism suspects who were recently  captured in the US to learn more about their plans and connections. 
  • Leave Bush Alone: Do you think the Obama administration is blaming the Bush administration too often? Republicans 79%, and Independents 47% say yes, Democrats say the still need the crutch 63%.

This poll shows the reason for the tea party protests and the argumentative town halls, there is a disconnect between the President and the party in power on one side, and the American People on the other. Their ability to listen will determine their political future.  If you would like to see the entire poll click here