Yesterday we covered Hillary Clinton’s medical episode that forced her to leave the 9/11 memorial service early, and eventually needing to be picked up and lifted on to the SUV that took her to daughter Chelsea’s apartment.

Apparently even before yesterday’s fainting spell there were internet discussions surrounding one of the people always around Hillary , He’s called the “mystery man” on the web (the African-American guy in the video below) and the belief is that he’s some sort of medic to treat the seizures that there’s no evidence Hillary Clinton Is having anyway.



In the video below the “mystery man’s” real role is identified by former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino. According to Bongino (who should know) the man is a supervisory officer with the Secret Service.To be honest he looked like a Secret Service agent to me.

The Dan Bongino originally appeared live on Conservative Review’s Facebook page and it it reproduced below with their permission. So take of the tin foil hat and watch former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino dispel one of the most persistent myths regarding Clinton’s health.



The point is folks there are so many legitimate reasons to attack Hillary Clinton, the email scandal, they Clinton Foundation pay for play scandal, her lack of accomplishments as secretary of state, or as senator, the way she constantly wants to start wars, her hatred of Israel, her hatred of anyone who is as rich as she is…etc, etc.  If you want to defeat Hillary Clinton in the presidental election, your time is better spent on one of the legitimate reasons Ms. Clinton should be president.

Update: Glenn Kessler pointed out to me that the Agent’s Name is Secret Service Assistant Special Agent in Charge Todd Madison.  Dave Weigel of the Washington Post revealed his name a few days ago.