Some Donald Trump supporters are upset about the National Review issue devoted to exposing “The Donald” as someone who does not really believe in conservative values. (The issue is covered in this post ‘National Review’ Devotes Entire Issue To Exposing Trump As A Liberal )

Besides soliciting commentary from 22 different conservative commentators, the great thing about most of the issue is they use Donald Trump’s own words and actions to demonstrate what Mr. Trump really is. However they missed one. In the video below from 2004, Donald Trump tells Wolf Blitzer that he identifies more as a Democrat, because the economy does better under Democrats.

The interview is indicative of the fact the “bullying billionaire bloviator of birtherism”  believes that the tax and spend policies of the Democrats is better for the economy than the smaller government, lower tax policies of the GOP.

In 2012 the Republican Party had a golden opportunity to oust a horrible president. But they nominated Mitt Romney, a very good man but not a conservative. The GOP lost a very winnable election and the country was doomed to four more years of Obama. In 2016 the GOP is dangerously close to nominating Donald Trump, another liberal. Like four years ago, this will probably lead to a loss in another very winnable election.

Conservatives will sit on their hands again if the election is between two liberals, Donald Trump and either Hillary or Bernie.

I still have not decided which Republican candidate I prefer, but my decision about Donald Trump has been made. He is nothing more than another thin-skinned liberal, who lashes out at anyone who disagrees with him.  We just did eight years of that.  I’m not sure America can recover from another eight years.