From emails from her buddy Sid calling Defense Secretary Bob Gate a mean vicious little prick, to  possible conflict of interests with the Clinton Foundation to taking credit for the disastrous Clinton-Obama foreign policy this batch of Clinton’s State Dept. Emails has some real winners. Hillary Clinton has to be glad that the latest batch of emails were released on New Year’s Eve. Maybe they won’t get as much attention that way.

Below are five emails she probably wishes weren’t released, I am sure they won’t make her any friends.

#1: In March 2011 Sid Blumenthal Cited An Aide Who Described Then Defense Secretary Bob Gates As A “Mean, Vicious Little Prick” In An Email To Clinton. Sid Blumenthal knows all about mean vicious little pricks as he is one, and so is his son Max who is a mean, vicious, anti-Semitic little prick. (Jake Sullivan, Email To Hillary Clinton, 3/30/11, State Department Release, 12/31/15)

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#2: In A September 15, 2011 Email, Nora Toiv Provided Cheryl Mills With A List Of State Department Officials That Would Be Participating In A Clinton Global Initiative Meeting. Boys and girls, can you say conflict of interest? I knew you could.(Nora Toiv, Email To Cheryl Mills, 9/15/11, State Department Release, 12/31/15)

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#3: In A 2011 Email From Clinton Aide Philippe Reines, Urges Clinton To Do All Five Sunday Shows To Reinforce Her Role As Obama’s “Chief Foreign Policy Adviser” And “America’s Chief Diplomat.” (Philippe Reines, Email To Hillary Clinton, 1/28/11, State Department Release, 12/31/15) I don’t think she has to worry, whoever is the GOP nominee will remind people over and over and over, of her role in Obama’s foreign policy failures.

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#4: In March 2012, Clinton’s Former Campaign Strategist Mark Penn Said Obama’s Open-Mic Comment On Laying Low On Nuclear Defense Because Of The Election “Could Be About The Stupidest Thing Ever Said By A President In Foreign Policy.” Of course that was almost four years ago…he’s done things way more stupid since. (Mark Penn Email To Hillary Clinton, 3/26/12, State Department Email Release, 12/31/15)

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#5: At Meeting Of Democratic Donors, Billionaire George Soros Said He Could “Always Call/Meet With” Hillary Clinton. Soros also said he regretted supporting Obama in the 2008 primaries. Well George we regret that you supported Obama also. If you support Hillary in the 2016 election we will do everything we can to make sure she loses, we don’t want you to have any more regret. (Neera Tanden, Email To Hillary Clinton, et. al., 5/12/12, State Department Release, 12/31/15, FOIA # F-2014-20439)​

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In this latest batch 270 additional emails deemed classified, we now know Hillary Clinton exposed sensitive information on more than 1,250 occasions on her secret email server. Her cavalier attitude toward national security is a another reason she is better suited for jail than for the White House.

Note: This was originally issued by the RNC, but the explanations needed to be snarked up a bit by yours truly.