Sixteen months since the terrorist attack on our mission in Benghazi, Libya Congress is finally getting to speak to some of the people who were there at the attack. According to CNN a House Intelligence subcommittee will hear from former Navy SEALs, former Army Special Forces and former Marines, who were under contract to guard CIA agents on the ground in Benghazi. They will appear before lawmakers behind closed doors during the week of November 11–very appropriate as it is Veteran’s Day.

Frustrated lawmakers have told CNN they have been dissatisfied with the investigation so far conducted by House Intelligence Committee Chairman Mike Rogers, R-Michigan.

His staff defends the work of the committee, telling CNN previously the review has included nine full committee hearings, roundtable discussions with some Obama administration officials, an interim report and a vow that the investigation continues.

The members of Congress say they don’t want information that’s filtered like what they’ve gotten in briefings and documents, but that they want to hear the answers to three basic questions straight from those who were there:

One: What was the CIA doing in Libya? There have been allegations the CIA was operating a gun-running program with weapons going from Libya to Syrian rebels.

Two: What happened during the failed rescue attempts? CNN has been told that there was a group of would-be rescuers at the CIA annex, armed and ready to go within minutes of the attack, but they were held off until finally they defied orders and staged a rescue on their own.

Three: Did the administration know immediately that this was a planned terrorist attack? And if so, why did administration officials try to first claim it was a spontaneous response to a demonstration over a movie that offended Muslims? “I think that there’s a real mystery here surrounding what really took place and for reasons unbeknownst to me, the Congress as well as the agency are going out of their way to protect whatever there was that they were doing operationally in Libya,” said Fred Burton, a former State Department diplomatic security agent who has written a book about Benghazi that’s now being turned into an HBO movie

This past August through great investigative work by the always reliable Jake Tapper we
learned that dozens of people working for the CIA were on the ground
during the attack, and that the agency is going all out to make sure
whatever it was doing, remains a secret, by pressuring those people not to talk.

Clearly there is something we are not being told about the Benghazi terror attack. This is not a political Issue, the American people deserve the  full story of the Benghazi Attack/cover-up and why things were done the way they were done.  Hopefully this committee will be able to turn over each stone and get the answers “we the people” have been demanding.