Here’s a great idea that may help both the unemployment problem, the deficit and, as the President would make sure at least one group pays it’s fair share of taxes. And I am sure it would be a bi-partisan policy. The idea is simple force the 279,381 delinquent tax payers who work for the federal govt., or are on a govt. pension pay the $3,420,168,684 in taxes they owe the IRS.  For the ones who are working, give them a month to negotiate a payout plan with the IRS, if they don’t first put a lien on everything they own…then fire them…it will free up the jobs for unemployed tax payers.  As for the retirees–freeze their assets and dock their pensions.

This is disgusting! I first read this story on Andrew Malcolm’s column at IBD , and felt compelled to download the spread sheet from the IRS and look at the pitiful numbers myself (the full report is embedded at the end of this post).

Fairness? Under the President’s own roof in the executive branch there is over $620 Million of “not paying their fair share” not counting  the people who have already worked out payment agreements with the IRS. The Military branches are the biggest offenders—these are the civilians,  active duty military will be covered at the end of the post.

Maybe we can get Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius to take a break from taking away our health care freedom and urge her staff to pay their taxes as they are the most delinquent department non military department with almost $41 million owed to the IRS.

Also interesting is the Department of Justice, in charge of enforcing the law, is involved in tax lawlessness. Maybe its not their fault,  maybe the folks at the DOJ spent too much money helping out the ATF by buying guns for the Mexican Cartels and now they have no money to pay their taxes.

Executive Departments Balance Owed
Department of Veterans Affairs  $        151,082,033
Department of the Army  $        105,478,429
Department of the Navy  $          70,882,416
Department of the Air Force  $          49,522,513
Department of Health and Human Services  $          40,697,493
Department of Defense  $          39,490,022
Department of Homeland Security  $          36,984,922
Department of Commerce  $          27,433,827
Department of Justice  $          17,662,076
Department of Agriculture  $          17,185,736
Department of Transportation  $          16,139,290
Department of the Interior  $          13,301,234
Department of the Treasury  $            9,303,278
Department of Labor  $            7,141,207
Department of Housing and Urban Development  $            5,021,404
Department of Energy  $            4,932,109
Department of Education  $            4,286,496
Department of State  $            3,958,293
Executive Office of the President  $               833,970
Total Executive Branch  $      621,336,748

Its not just the Executive Branch, take a look at Congress and their aides.
Balance Owed
U.S. Senate  $            2,134,501
U.S. House of Representatives  $            8,535,974
Total Congress  $        10,670,475
Take a look at the independent agencies, the postal service is losing money hand over foot but postal workers owe almost $270 million dollars in taxes (please don’t shoot Mr. Postman Sir). There is something ironic about the Administrative Office of the Courts breaking the law, who do they think they are anyway,  the Department of Justice? The government accountability office isn’t. And the total of all the independent offices is over $400 million dollars.
Independent Agencies and Other Offices Balance Owed
U.S. Postal Service  $        269,641,265
Social Security Administration  $          20,144,559
Environmental Protection Agency  $          19,473,477
Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts  $          13,066,643
Tennessee Valley Authority  $            4,622,722
National Aeronautics and Space Administration  $            4,405,790
General Services Administration  $            4,286,658
Small Business Administration  $            3,930,497
Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation  $            3,155,313
Smithsonian Institution  $            2,434,589
Government Printing Office  $            2,122,322
Office of Personnel Management  $            1,917,149
U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission  $            1,579,559
Federal Reserve System – Board of Governors  $            1,265,152
U.S. Agency for International Development  $            1,177,829
Securities and Exchange Commission  $            1,146,843
Federal Communications Commission  $            1,084,544
U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission  $               801,163
Government Accountability Office  $               788,873
Broadcasting Board of Governors  $               728,848
Presidio Trust  $               725,633
Financial Crisis Inquiry Board  $               634,138
National Labor Relations Board  $               524,931
National Science Foundation  $               512,535
Railroad Retirement Board  $               425,644
Court Services and Offender Supervision  Agency  $               413,427
National Archives and Records Administration  $               328,768
Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation  $               291,473
Federal Trade Commission  $               262,677
Federal Housing Finance Agency  $               249,316
Commodity Futures Trading Commission  $               243,644
Int’l Boundary and Water Comm: U.S. and Mexico  $               216,749
Export-Import Bank of the United States  $               168,907
Merit Systems Protection Board  $               140,716
Federal Election Commission  $                97,354
National Endowment for the Humanities  $                96,152
Peace Corps  $                95,767
U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum  $                93,341
Consumer Product Safety Commission  $                89,441
Armed Forces Retirement Home  $                85,476
National Transportation Safety Board  $                78,580
Federal Retirement Thrift Investment Board  $                66,707
National Credit Union Administration  $                66,144
U.S. Tax Court  $                62,508
Corporation for National and Community Service  $                59,911
Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service  $                38,849
U.S. International Trade Commission  $                37,534
United States Access Board (Architectural and Transportation Barriers Compliance Board)  $                36,100
Federal Maritime Commission  $                32,126
National Endowment for the Arts  $                31,411
Millennium Challenge Corporation  $                28,484
U.S. Office of Government Ethics  $                22,160
Advisory Council on Historic Preservation  $                18,218
Institute of Museum and Library Services  $                17,201
Farm Credit Administration  $                10,917
Overseas Private Investment Corporation  $                  7,535
Medicare Payment Advisory Commission  $                  6,181
Federal Labor Relations Authority  $                  1,439
Selective Service System  $                     777
Inter-American Foundation  $                        9
Other  $          37,960,267
Total Independent Agencies  $      402,052,942
The IRS reports that Active Military personnel owes about $340 million and those collecting a public pension owe over two billion.
Military Balance Owed
Active Duty Military   $ 111,027,905
Military Reserves/Guards   $ 228,836,638
Total Military   $ 339,864,543
Retirees Balance Owed
Civilian  $  469,896,027
Military  $ 1,576,023,976
Total Retired  $ 2,045,920,003

All together people who work for the federal government and those who receive their pensions from the tax payers are not paying their fare share of taxes, and when you add the money Warren Buffett’s company owes the IRS, we are talking about over four and a half billion dollars owed to the tax-payers.

Once again we are learning of a big gap between the “haves” and “have nots” in this country. The “haves” are the members of the federal bureaucracy and the rest of us are the “have nots.”

Call me crazy (and many people do) but it seems to me before the president even considers raising taxes on people in the private sector he should clean up the federal government and make sure everyone pays their fair share of taxes.

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