On one hand studying online sexual pursuits is a not the job of the federal government, but on the other hand after learning that taxpayers are paying  $384,949 To Study Duck Penis’  and $880,000 To Study SNAIL SEX!?!? it’s a relief to know there is somebody in Washington who doesn’t have a bestiality fetish.

CNSNews is reporting that via the the National Institutes of Health (NIH) your tax dollars are being spent to study how straight people are using the Internet for “online sexual pursuits.”  Heck all they had to do is go into one college dorm and ask some questions. It would have been much cheaper.

“Researchers have raised significant concerns about the Internet’s potential to facilitate sexual encounters that result in unsafe sex and place individuals at risk for STD/HIV,” states the grant, awarded to Columbia University.  “Yet, how using the Internet for sexual pursuits may shape sexual behavior, including risk taking, remains a very poorly understood phenomenon, especially among heterosexuals.”

The study hypothesizes that the Internet increases risk-taking behavior, making partners who meet online more likely to engage in unsafe sex.  The researchers want to find out “the practices heterosexuals engage in during these sexual encounters.”

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“The limited data suggest that many heterosexuals use the Internet to meet prospective sexual partners and eventually meet in-person and have sex,” the grant states.  “Yet, to date, very little is known about the practices heterosexuals engage in during these sexual encounters, the heuristics and strategies they use to assess the potential sexual risk a partner met online poses, and what in the nature of online relationship development might facilitate unsafe sex.”

Columbia University (yes the school that hosted Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, which should tell you something), was first given a $606,000 grant in 2011, and $702,062 last year for a total of $1,308,062. And joy of joys the project doesn’t end till 2014 which means the taxpayer may hove the honor of putting even more of its money behind this project. 

The project will investigate 150 straight adults who have had “unprotected vaginal or anal sex with at least three (opposite sex) partners in the past 3 months, at least two of whom they met online.”  The sample will be split between male and females and equally divided by race.

The researchers say the study will “enhance our understanding of how use of the Internet for sexual pursuits shapes heterosexuals’ sexual behavior.”

The study will also look into how people misrepresent themselves online, and how the “online presentation” attracts people to engage in real-life sexual encounters.

Are there idiots running this country or did the person awarding grants with the animal fetish get transferred and replaced with a different kind of sex fiend? Our national debt is approaching $17 Trillion dollars and we are researching Snail Sex and Duck Ding-Dongs and now Getting Lucky via the internet.

The sad part is that this all may be scientific research but why the heck are we paying for it with tax dollars in these hard times?

We are wasting money on programs like this but at the same time we are eliminating White House tours, putting national security personnel on furlogh, and releasing criminal illegal immigrants back onto the streets because of the sequester…what am I missing?