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A third brother has emerged from the Palestinian donation cache for Obama, His name OSAMA! I previously broke the story of Edwan and Hosam . there is a third brother: Osama Osama Osama Edwan—-another brother form Gaza-2-donations-Both dated 11-10-2007 here and here Not only did Obama not report this jihad cash to the FEC, despite what they’ve claimed, the “Pali” brothers have not received their jihad cash back. In digging deeper into the illegal foreign campaign contributions from Palestinians, Cathy came across these FEC letters. Obama knew these contributions were illegal and “Palestinian”. He didn’t report them. He took a page from his days as a “commnity organizer” for the most corrupt political machine in America. It’s what they do. Bringing the worst in American politics to the national level. It seems the FEC actually did their job. But the chosen One-bama is special and above the law……. he is a citizen of the world. Obama_fec_letter
Obama’s campaign filed their 10/01/07 thru 12/31/07 “Year End” report with the FEC on 1/31/08. On 4/15/08 the FEC sent a letter requesting additional information for 36 contributors the Obama campaign had submitted. There is an attachment to this letter with the names, dates and amounts. On this attachment, 7 of Hosam Edwan’s contributions/transactions are questioned (even though there are 10 transactions) and only 1 of Monir Edwan’s contributions is questioned (even though there were 22 contributions/transactions). The response date to this letter is May 15, 2008. Obama’s campaign filed an Amended 10/01/07 thru 12/31/07 “Year End” report on 5/15/08. On 7/30/08 the FEC sent another letter requesting additional information for SIXTEEN PAGES of questionable contributions/transactions. The time period covered in the amended report is the same as the first report. Now there are many more questions. Included in the questions this time are contributions/transactions for Monir Edwan, this includes the same contribution in the earlier report plus twenty more for Monir Edwan.Click here to see the Rest of the report