In New York State when a Jew reaches the ripe old age age of 65 they must move to Florida–it’s the LAW!! OK maybe its not the law, its only a tradition, but the fact is that many east coast Jews move to Florida when they retire, I am not old enough to understand why, for me an old-age move to southern Florida is like going to God’s waiting room.  But you cant escape the fact that many Jewish seniors feel very comfortable picking everything up and moving to the Other Jewish Ancestral Homeland

That feeling of Jews being comfortable in south Florida might change if more people act like  Condos begin to act like Town Council member Susan Starkey of the Town of Davie (outside of Ft. Lauderdale).

According to Jeff Rubinoff, the President of the Davie/Cooper City Republican Club (and member of Americans Against Hate), at a holiday party for the group, had a heated discussion with Town of Davie Councilmember Susan Starkey over a Davie street sign that had been given to the American-Islamic Relations (CAIR). CAIR was named as an unidicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land Foundation Terrorist funding case, and has been identified many times over as being involved with Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood.

According to Rubinoff, [before the holiday party] Starkey told him that, until the federal government and the FBI stop working with CAIR, the group would be able to keep its sign. She said that she would only distance herself from CAIR and help to remove the sign, if she saw proof that the FBI had stopped working with CAIR. 

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So  Rubinoff took her bait, he sent her the proof she was asking for, which included numerous reports regarding the FBI’s severing of its ties to CAIR and information showing how leaders in the U.S. Congress have spoken out against CAIR.

As recent as the end of last year, CAIR was named by the U.S. Justice Department a co-conspirator in a federal trial dealing with the financing of millions of dollars to Hamas. At the end of the trial, all of the defendants were found guilty on all charges.Starkey, according to Rubinoff, has not responded to the information. 

Starkey’s support of the Hamas-associated CAIR may be due to her apparent disdain for the Jewish community. According to Rubinoff, during Starkey’s talk with him, the conversation quickly deteriorated into an anti-Semitic rant, where Starkey charged that “Jews are trying to convert everyone.” 

Besides being an attempted slur it is not true. Jews not only don’t proselytize but we try to discourage conversion. 

Americans Against Hate (AAH) Chairman Joe Kaufman stated, “Councilwoman Starkey’s feelings are obviously blinding her judgment with regard to the security of the citizens whom she was voted into office to protect. She should apologize to the Jewish community for her hurtful statement, and she should apologize to the entire community for allowing a group connected to terrorism to have a street sign in its name.”

Maybe Ms Starkey should spend a few months in Sderot, so she can understand the good work of CAIR and its parent organization Hamas, before she rushes to use hateful statements to protect CAIR’s aims.