The FBI on Friday released a detailed report about the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server. The report is in two parts, one of which is the summary of the three-hour interview of the former secretary of state. The sections read so far are especially damning, because they suggest either she lied to the FBI, didn’t have the appropriate concern for classified information, or has health problems affecting her memory.

In 2009, within days of becoming secretary of state she signed two nondisclosure agreement. One about classified information and provides very specific steps for the handling of classified information the other about special access program. When one signs these documents (as Hillary did) it is a confirmation to the U.S. Government that you were briefed on the rules and you understand what classified information is, what a special access programs (SAP) are and you have been briefed or trained on the rules of how to handle them.

These documents form basis of the FBI’s questions about intent and whether or not Ms. Clinton understood how classified information was supposed to handled. 

Signing this document is not the equivalent of the HR documents one normally signs first day of work it is considerably more important than that. It’s signed with the knowledge that if you break the rules you are going to get an orange jump suit, a room with bars, and three square meals, all courtesy of Uncle Sam and the American taxpayer.

But according to the first few pages of the 302 document (the FBI doesn’t record interviews, the 302 document contains the notes of the agent who did the question), Hillary Clinton remembered reading and signing the nondisclosures but told the FBI she could not remember the briefing or training she received, or remember how to handle the information. Throwing her people under the bus, she simply said that she trusted people at the state department to use their judgment and not send going to her that was classified.

Even worse Ms. Clinton told the FBI she could not recall a specific briefing on how to handle information connect with special access programs (SAP)–and that is HUGE.  SAP programs are America’s most secret information. These are the secrets shared with only a few people, for example the names and location of human spies.

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Remember this is a woman who signed documents saying she knew and understood the rules and was aware that a violation of the rules could mean she goes to the jail.

 Ms. Clinton also couldn’t remember if she ever used the Secretary of State’s power to classify information, could not recall receiving e-mails that shouldn’t be an unsecure system.  In total her response to 40 key questions was a loss of memory.

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Not remembering anything, made it hard for the FBI to ask her questions about intent, or try to catch her telling a lie.  There was no chance of a “Law and Order” moment where the cop catches the suspect in a lie and can use that fact to pry the truth from the suspect.

In what may turn out to be her most damaging answer, Clinton couldn’t remember her exiting the State Department briefing before she left office in February 2013. She blamed it on concussion she received in December 2012 and a blood clot she developed in January 2013.

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Especially during the past few week Hillary Clinton has faced claims that she was not healthy enough to be president. She just told the FBI director that she had trouble remembering things because of her heat.  I feel a few campaign ads coming out of this one.

Here’s the truth about most of her “I can’t remember” answers. Any lawyer worth his salt would tell Hillary to answer I don’t know, to all of those questions.  The objective was to make sure she wasn’t indicted. “I don’t remember” is a lie that can’t be proven. She couldn’t plead the 5th, didn’t want to commit perjury, and didn’t want to self-incriminate.  “I don’t recall,” is the safest of answers.

If I’m wrong about Hillary lying about her memory, it means that during the briefings and training Hillary Clinton received about how to handle this country’s most sensitive information she didn’t care enough to pay attention. The only other option is scarier, perhaps Ms. Clinton is suffering from some health problems affecting her memory. No matter which of the above is the real reason she said “I don’t recall,” lying, lack of concern or illness affecting he memory, Hillary Clinton is not qualified to be President.

My good friend Ed Morrissey looked at the documents from a totally different angle, Ed’s great so his take is worth a read.  So click here and read his post. 

There is more of this report to read, and possible more posts….so say tuned