According to the FBI’s Annual Hate Crime Statistics report (just released) for the year 2006 all of that anti-Muslim hate claimed by CAIR is non-existent. In fact out of the over 7,700 hate incidents about 19% of them were religious in nature . Almost 1,000 of the religious hate crimes were anti-Jewish about 150 of them were anti-Muslim. Looks like Abe Foxman has more of a reason to cry out than CAIR. But then again…Abe spends his time on issues like amnesty for illegal immigrants and giving JNF Land to the Arabs–he doesn’t have time to deal with anti-Semitism.

# %
Total 7,722 100.0%
Religious 1,462 18.9%
Anti-Jewish 967 12.5%
Anti-Islamic 156 2.0%
Anti-Other Religion 124 1.6%
Anti-Catholic 76 1.0%
Anti-Multiple Religions, Group 73 0.9%
Anti-Protestant 59 0.8%
Anti-Atheism/Agnosticism/etc. 7 0.1%

While crimes directed at any individual on the basis of race, religion or nationality are deplorable, the FBI’s statistics give lie to CAIR’s repeated claims that “Islamophobia” is the new anti-Semitism, that the current environment for American Muslims is somehow comparable to the civil rights struggles for African-Americans, and that American Muslims are being singled out for discrimination in a post-9/11 frenzy.

But despite the facts, CAIR’s trumpeting of “Islamophobia,” is unsurprising, and CAIR’s Chairman Parvez Ahmed’s has an op-ed out decrying “Islamophobic rhetoric” in the election season. But CAIR has no credibility on this issue, as this is the very same organization that included the arrest of terrorists such as top Hamas official Mousa Abu Marzook and the treatment of infamous Egyptian “Blind Sheikh” Omar Abdul Rahman, at the hands of the U.S. justice system in its 1996 report on “hate crimes” titled, “The Price of Ignorance.”

While some government agencies and members of the media continue to treat CAIR as the representative to the Muslim community, actual statistics, and CAIR’s own cynical history of labeling hardened terrorists as the victims of “hate crimes” should serve as a reminder that government officials and journalists should keep CAIR at arm’s length. Source What Islamophobia? by IPT